Wanted! Peer Reviewers for
2016 Conference Proposals

We are recruiting peer-reviewers to evaluate proposals for the AHNA 2016 Conference. We are very excited to begin the Annual Conference Proposal Review Process this October and we would like to invite you to serve on the 2016 AHNA Conference Proposal Review Committee. This process will take place between October 15th and 30th and again December 2-December 16th.  We hope that you will join us in this exciting endeavor.

Reviewer Incentives
• Be an integral part of creating an AHNA conference
• Be of service to your organization and helping to share the vision of holism

Reviewer Criteria
• Current AHNA membership
• Experience in nursing academia/education, conference planning, continuing
   nursing education, and/or nursing professional development*
• Current, unrestricted RN license in the US
• Willing to participate in one 1 hour conference call prior to the start of the
   review period
• Create an account with www.proposalspace.com

NOTE: *Nurses with Doctorate degrees will be assigned to review research proposals

Overview of Review Process
• All proposal submissions and reviewing will be conveniently accessed and
   conducted online at www.proposalspace.com.
• Reviewers will be given online access to blinded conference proposal
   submissions during the review period of October 15 through October 30.
• Reviewers will be assigned specific proposal titles to review.  We anticipate
   that each reviewer will evaluate approximately 10 proposals (10-15 minutes 
   of review time per proposal).
• Reviewers will work individually with the ability to access the proposals from
   any location with internet access.  

If you are interested, please download the below form:
Peer-Reviewer Biographical Data & Confidentiality Form 

to Terri Roberts, at education@ahna.org by Monday, October 5.

Then, go to www.proposalspace.com and click on Sign up for free to create an account.  Creating this account will allow staff to designate you as a reviewer in the system and grant you access to review proposals in October.

If you have any questions, please contact AHNA staff at the AHNA National Office (800) 278-2462 Ext. 17.

Thank you so much for considering participating on the Proposal Review Committee for the 2016 American Holistic Nurses Association Annual Conference. We look forward to working with you.

Roxane Chan, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, LMT     
2016 Conference Nurse Planner   

Deb Shields, PhD, RN, CCRN, QTTT, AHN-BC    
2017 Conference Nurse Planner

Linda Thomas, PhD, RN-BC, CCRN, CHTP/I, HTAP  
2016 Lead Nurse Planner

Colleen Delaney, PhD, RN, AHN-BC  
2016 Conference Research       

Terri Roberts, JD, RN
Executive Director, AHNA

2016 Conference
Reviewer Guidelines & Instructions

Purpose of the proposal review process…
offer a fair and unbiased process of evaluating conference session proposals so that holistic nurses and other holistic health educators may have the opportunity to share their skills, knowledge and experiences with conference attendees through continuing nursing education activities.

Confidentiality & Security…all information in the proposals is confidential and/or intellectual property. As a participant on this committee, the review process will benefit you in a professional capacity, through recognition of your contribution to the profession of holistic nursing and AHNA. Peer-reviewers agree to use care and discretion to avoid disclosure, publication, or dissemination of Confidential Information.

Reviewer Conflict of Interest – By agreeing to be a reviewer, you affirm that you will not knowingly review a proposal you receive where there is a personal conflict of interest. Conflict of interest is defined as any individual who would profit financially from the approval of an educational activity or perceives that he or she may not be able to perform an impartial evaluation. Specifically, you will:

 • Objectively review all proposals according to the criteria regardless of your personal beliefs about the provider, faculty for the activity, or the value of the holistic content.

• Refrain from using any information gained through your role as a peer reviewer of a proposal that would benefit you personally in you private practice, in your work setting, financially or in any other way that would be detrimental to the provider or the AHNA.

• NOTE: Conflict of interest would exist if any proposal was inadvertently sent to you for review for which you are currently a faculty, or which was developed by your business partner or agency/organization that gives your agency/organization a vested interest in the AHNA’s decision of acceptance. Conflict of interest would also exist if you were a reviewer of a proposal submitted by a provider with whom you have a personal/family relationship.

• Immediately call/email AHNA staff, Terri Roberts JD, RN, Executive Director to identify that a conflict of interest exists in reviewing a proposal. director@ahna.org

Reviewing timelines
• Submission deadline for Proposals: Thursday, October 15 
• Reviewers will receive proposals titles for review by: Friday, October 16th
• Complete Reviews by: October 30th (by 11:59 PM your local time)

Instructions for Completing Your Assigned Reviews
• Once you receive your emailed list of titles to review, go to www.proposalspace.com and log in

• You should arrive on the Account Home page and see a sub heading, MY REVIEWS on the page. (If you don’t see MY REVIEWS, click on the HOME tab or on Account Home in the upper right hand corner of the page until you see MY REVIEWS.)

• Under MY REVIEWS you will see at least one, and up to three, links to "AHNA Call for Proposals" listed in orange font. The three categories are:

Research Papers & Research Posters

• Some of you have been assigned to review proposals in only one category and some in more than one category.

• To get to a proposal and review it, click on one of the "AHNA Call for Proposals." The list of proposal titles I provided to you will identify which category each proposal is in.

• A list of presentation titles will appear in alphabetical order. Click on one of the titles you’ve been assigned to review

• You’ll see the Submission Details and then the Review Form below as you scroll down.

• You can also access the Review Form by clicking on "Jump to Review Form."

• Complete a Review Form for each proposal titles you have been assigned. You can log out and back in to the site and complete and edit your reviews as many time as you want until October 30 (by 11:59 PM your local time)

Reviewing Guidelines
• Only review titles you have been assigned (you will have access to all titles in a category  Workshop, PreConference, etc.

• Rate each item in the Review Form, paying particular attention to the link between the submission’s objectives/content to the purpose and theme of the conference (see conference information below).

• Only recommend a different type of presentation (eg: poster instead of paper) if the proposer has agreed to that change.

• If you feel strongly that a proposal is not appropriate for the format requested, do not recommend it for acceptance.

• Please provide comments to support your decision that a proposal does not meet criteria (i.e. poorly written objectives, not tied to theme, not enough content etc)

• Note any potential *bias or conflicts of interest on the Review Form

*Bias(defined as: preferential influence that causes a distortion of opinion or of facts)/Conflict of Interest Disclosures/Resolution

• Note any promotional language and *bias detected in the proposals.

• Reviewers may request resolution of any conflict or bias.

• If you detect bias, continue the review, but note your findings.

• Any proposals with conflicts that cannot be resolved will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the Conference Nurse Planner to determine whether or not a conflict has been resolved

• Commercial bias may occur when an educational activity promotes one or more product(s) (drugs, devices, services, software, hardware etc.) This definition is not all inclusive and participants may use their own interpretation in deciding if a presentation is biased.

• NOTE: Statements of commercial support and /or conflict of interest disclosures do not represent bias. Such statements inform the learner that the provider has implemented a mechanism to identify and resolve all conflicts of interest prior to delivery of the educational material.

2016 AHNA Conference Information

Title: Interconnectedness: The Soul of Holistic Nursing

Theme: Interconnectedness is the soul of holistic nursing. It represents a worldview that acknowledges the oneness of everyone and everything in the universe, and the realization that the meaning of life arises through interaction with, and in relation to, others.  The question that arises from this worldview is how we inhabit interconnectedness in the contemporary healthcare environment. The purpose of this conference is to further define and incorporate the concept of interconnectedness within holistic health care innovation, interventions and education. Through an expansive exploration of interconnectedness, participants will leave with substantive ideas of how to create caring/healing spaces that are relational and supportive, honoring every person’s individuality while knowing at a deep level that we are all one.  Together we support our need to connect with ourselves as we connect with others by modeling a holistic path to wellness that is supported through all ways of knowing.

Purpose: The purpose of this conference is to further define and incorporate the concept of interconnectedness within holistic health care innovation, interventions and education.


  1. Examine advances in the development of health care interventions that foster and support human interconnectedness for the purpose of health promotion and healing.
  2. Explore ancient teachings and wisdom traditions that support the concept of interconnectedness.
  3. Examine the evolving understanding of consciousness.
  4. Explore your role as a holistic nurse in an interconnected global healthcare environment.
  5. Discuss strategies designed to integrate the concept of interconnectedness to clinical practice as an APRN, APHN-BC.
  6. Develop undergraduate and graduate nursing curricula grounded in the philosophy of holism.
  7. Compare and contrast the application of evidenced-based practice and practice informed evidence into all areas of holistic nursing.
  8. Integrate research that describes and defines interconnectedness into holistic nursing practice.
  9. Discuss holistic self-care practices that enhance the nurse’s interconnectedness to their internal and external environment.
  10. Explore the healing benefits of creative expression.
  11. Promote the development of an interdisciplinary network of holistic practitioners committed to healthcare transformation.

Thank You! We are so grateful for your participation.
~Roxane, Deb, Linda, & Terri

Email or call
1-(800) 278-2462 Ext. 17


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