2014 Conference Solicitation for
Non-Research and Research Posters, Papers, and Panel Presentations has a deadline of Sunday, December 1, 2013


The deadline for conference and pre-conference workshop proposals has passed. Watch this space for information about submitting proposals for our 2015 conference beginning July 2014.

34th Annual Conference
Portland, Oregon

Whether your suitcase holds hiking boots and binoculars, yoga pants and sneakers, or your best outfit You will surely find holistic beauty in Portland. From the Lan Su Chinese Garden,to Forest Park (the largest forested park in the United States located entirely within a city's limits) to the World Forestry Center Discovery MuseumPortland has something for the holistic nurse in you!


AHNA invites you to submit proposals for the 2014 Annual Conference, Through the Looking Glass: A Vision of Holistic Leadership. Poster Abstracts and Research Papers and Panels presenting study results on selected topics will be accepted until December 1, 2013 11:59pm

Purpose: The purpose of this conference is to enable holistic nurses to develop advocacy and leadership skills which can be used in the transforming of healthcare systems to a caring/healing perspective. 

Theme: Gazing into the “looking glass,” to the future of healthcare, holistic nurses are poised to lead the way in transforming the healthcare system to one built on the Core Values of Holistic Nursing. This caring/healing perspective represents a paradigm shift away from a healthcare system that is grounded in a disease model to a healthcare model of whole person caring that is informed by the best available evidence. Holistic nurses must possess advocacy and leadership skills crucial in addressing all aspects of healthcare reform while ensuring that caring is not lost in the process. This conference will explore ways that holistic nurses can enhance their advocacy and leadership skills, becoming transformational leaders and key members of the inter-professional healthcare reform team. Through mentoring, effective holistic communication, and interpersonal relationships, holistic nurses will actualize possibilities and consciously work to change the culture of healthcare.

The Conference Objectives:

1. Recognize that nurses in all practice areas (clinical, education, research) and in diverse professional roles possess leadership characteristics and qualities.
2. Explore contemporary models of holistic leadership.
3. Create strategies for developing the skills necessary for effective communication and advocacy as holistic nurse leaders.
4. Examine innovative approaches which facilitate inter-professional collaboration and mentorship.
5. Value the role of holistic nurse leaders in transforming healthcare.
6. Examine best practice evidence that supports and refines the role of holistic nurse leaders.
7. Develop a personal action plan for becoming a transformational leader in holistic nursing.
8. Engage in self-reflection to appreciate our individual uniqueness and awareness to recognize the importance of self-care as leaders in the current healthcare environment.

Topic: All proposals must address the Purpose, Theme and at least one of the conference objectives.

Topics may address holistic nursing:
• Practice • Education • Research • Aesthetics • Personal & Professional Development

Categories of Presentations:

CONFERENCE:  Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, JUNE 5 - 8, 2014

PRE-CONFERENCE:      Thursday, JUNE 5, 2014

    Full-day workshops -  6 hours in length with time for breaks and                                            lunch.  (4 or 5 will be selected)

    Half-day workshops - 3.5 hours in length (8-12 will be selected)
CONFERENCE:          Friday, Saturday & Sunday, JUNE 6-8, 2014
                               Conference Workshops
                              1 hour (16-20 will be selected) 
                              1.5 hours (16-20 will be selected)

Research Papers - 3 papers are presented per 1.5 hour paper session - 20 minutes for presentation plus 10 minutes for Q & A per paper (6-9 papers will be selected) 

Research Panels/Symposia submissions - are research presentations that are linked by a common topic or thread.  Panels/Symposia applicants are encouraged and we ask that you complete in Proposal Space under Research Paper each presenters paper/topic separately for the submission and mention the title of the other papers that will be considered with your submission as a Panel.  DO NOT list the other presenters by name in the text of your submission, just include the titles of their presentations to facilitate the blind review process.

Poster sessions
- are held at various times during the conference. Authors are expected to be with their poster for approximately 4 hours of designated viewing times in order to talk with participants and answer questions
• Research posters (20 will be selected)
• Non-Research posters (20 will be selected)


Guidelines for Submission:
1. Access Proposal Forms using the links below

Note:  Proposal Space is the vendor AHNA uses for submission of Conference Proposals in all categories.  You must register for a LOG IN on the Proposal Space site in order to submit a proposal (your AHNA website log in WILL NOT WORK ON THIS SITE).  This allows you to register all your demographic information, establish a password so that as you are submitting proposals (up to 3) you can save them and go back and edit them before the final submission deadline.  Again, Proposal Space will not accept your AHNA Member Log In, you must specifically register at their site seperately unless you have registered there to submit a proposal in 2012 or 2013.

www.proposalspace.com is the site, to register in preparation for submitting in 2013 for the 2014 Conference.
2. Complete Pre-Conference and Workshop Proposals by October 15, 2013 11:59pm and Posters (Research and Non-Research) and Research Panels by December 1, 2013 11:59pm
3. Additional information may be requested from review committee prior to selection
4. Limit of 3 proposals per person/group
5. Direct questions to: education@ahna.org or 1(800) 278-2462 Ext. 21

Review & Selection Process:

• Only fully completed proposals will be reviewed
• All proposals undergo a BLIND peer-review
        *In order to ensure no bias in the review process you submission MUST:
              -Be titled with only the presentation. DO NOT include your name in the
              -The content of the proposal  MUST NOT contain references to ANY 
• Additional information may be requested

Proposal Forms:
(click on the link below for the type of proposal you want to submit)
PreConference Workshops
Conference Workshops
Research Papers and Panels/ Symposia
(note: for Panels/ Symposia, see special instructions above under "Categories of Presentions")
Research Posters
Non Research Posters

In addition to filling out one of the above applications at Proposal Space, we also ask that you download and fill out the:
Educational Activity Outline (MS Word doc)


Research Sample - quantitative

Research Sample qualitative

Sample Educational Activity Planning Table for AHNA Conference Proposals

Notice of acceptance: PreConference and Conference workshops will be notified via email on or before December 1, 2013. 

Notice of Acceptance: Posters (Research & Non-Research), papers and panel presentations will be made, via email, on or before February 1, 2014. Instructions regarding preparation of presentation for the conference will be included with the acceptance notice. 



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