Our 2014 Exhibitors (as of April, 2014)

Advancing Holistic Health 
Educating health professionals in integrating holistic care. 
~Lyn McCright 254-751-7111

Allevia Health
Alpha-Stim Electromedical 
devices for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. 
~Jay Halay 800-684-9343

American College of Healthcare Sciences 
Showcasing the American College of Healthcare Sciences accredited online holistic health education. 

Aura Photo & Coaching 
Aura Photograph colors indicate skills of teaching, care-giving, coaching, writing, intuition, ministerial, management, etc. One-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry. 

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy (formerly Bark Coaching Institute) 
Are you ready to be a certified Nurse Coach? 60-hour Wisdom of the Whole Coach Training Program offers personal 
and professional growth.  Teleclasses  (learn from home) or on-site seminars available in select locations.
~Linda Bark 510-864-2006 

Bowenwork Practitioners 
Business cards of Washington and
Portland, OR Bowenwork Practitioners.
Sharing what Bowenwork is and will 
do mini-sessions/demonstrations of 

Cancer Treatment Centers of America 
CTCA offers whole-person care, combining leading cancer technologies with integrative therapies to fight disease while maintaining quality of life. 
~Susan Anderson  623-207-3241

Crone Stones
Crone Stones provides stones and
tools for your healing practice and
hand-wrought jewelry from natures
mineral treasures that vibrate with
your spirit. 
~Nancy Russ 651-587-3491

do TERRA is setting a new standard 
for the essential oil industry. Bring 
yours to do a side by side comparison. 
Our quality is unmatched. 
~Tahna Lee 719-510-3079

Energy Healing Institute 
Online and classroom courses offering chakra and aura-based skills and practices for energy hygiene, conscious awareness and hands-on healing. 
~Jill Leigh 617-470-7789 

Energy Medicine Partnerships 
Healing sessions and mentorship with 
Dr. Bulbrook. Books, charts, training, materials, card sets, and healing 
story cards. 
~Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook 919-923-2409

Energetix offers a professional line 
of high-quality natural remedies, 
including: hemeopathics, nutritiouals 
and botanicals. 
~Jane Clarke 800-990-7085

Global Mother Divine Organization 
An international non-profit organization that offer woman of all ages,
background and nationalities
knowledge and practical programs
for perfect health, enlightenment
and success in every area of life. 
~Peggy Jones 641-209-1848 

Goddess Dress Parties 
Goddess Dresses are free sized (one size fits most) colorful and stylish dresses all sold for $20. They are as comfortable as they are beautiful. 

Hand Dynamics 
Want to change you life, add fulfillment? 
The answer is at your fingertips. Your 
Life Purpose is written in your unique 
fingerprints! Come find yours...
~Roberta Coker 707-546-4863

Herb Pharm, LLC
Herb Pharm provides the highest
quality of herbal products, while
educating people on the safe and
effective way to use medical herbs. 
~Lisa Gabriel 541-846-6262

Hevert Pharmaceuticals 
Hevert Pharmaceuticals, one of the
leading manufacturers of homeopathic medicines, has dedicated itself to naturopathy andthe development
of high-quality natural medicines.

~ Hevert Pharmaceuticals 541-344-4980

InsideOut Thermography
Digital Infrared Thermaographics 
Imaging DITI/benefits an FDA
approved adjunctive diagnostic
tool for early detection of disease/physicaldysfunction,
and it isideal practice addition. 
Information on DIT/benefits,
schedule your thermogram and
approved systems for practice.  
Start up available. 
~Janice Anderson 978-270-2005

Life Alignment 

Life Alignment, a system of 
energy healing and transformation, 
that is used as a form 
of body-centered psychotherapy. 
~David Pasikov 303-442-6366

Luna Creations 
Wire set jewelry of semi precious
stones, gems and crystal pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 
~Ruth Kadas 801-580-9284

Mentor Books, Inc. 
Books, CD's, DVD's and more! 
~Blair Dunn 303-975-1950

Metabolic Maintenance Products, Inc. 
Serving health professionals who want the best, Metabolic Maintenance creates products based on the latest wellness research. 
~Metabolic Maintenance 800-772-7873

Nurses Service Organization (NSO)
Over 650,000 nurses safeguard their careers with Nurses Professional Liability Insurance through NSO, making them the nation's largest provider of medical malpractice coverage for nurses.
~NSO 800-739-8818 

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
Master's and Doctoral Graduate Degree Programs for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
~Anna Lewis 503-253-3443 

Pacific Herbs 

Traditional Chinese herbal products in easy to use packets for sleep, Menopause, PMS relief, weight and energy.  
~Cathy Margolin 877-818-9990

Return of the Nightingale Project 
Celebrate the Passion & Essence of Nursing with the newly released Wisdom Series Nurse Commemorative Coins.  Enhance awareness of nurse attributes with new “learning maps”, keychains, prayer beads, bracelets, guided meditations on nurse music CD and more.  Join Nightingales Choir of NursesTM.
~Meredith McCord
& Jill L. Schumacher 877-792-9084

Sage is the official journal of the
American Holistic Nurses Association. Providing leading international peer-reviewed journals and high-impact 
research titles published. SAGE journals 
are available electronic access 
as an AHNA member benefit.

Say Cheez Photo Booth 
Looking for an affordable, unique party favor or entertainment for a wedding or special event? A photo booth is the perfect solution to keep guests entertained all night! Photo booths not only draw crowds, generate excitement, and inspire contagious laughter, but they allow your guests to go home with a keepsake they will remember forever. 
~Nikki & Scott Lewien 785-969-5033

Soul Lightening International 
Soul Lightening International is a non-profit educational organization offering acupressure training and certification. Stop by for a mini stress-relief session! 

The BioMat Store
Biomat is far infrared therapy pad with negative ions used for pain relief,  improved circulation, detoxification 
and stress reduction. 
~Barbara McDaniel 321-952-8111

The Evolving Practitioner 
Educational retreats for holistic practitioners. 
~Nick (Elijah) Carter 808-965-6226 

University of Bridgeport
Fully accredited university offering graduate degrees in acupuncture, chiropratic, dental hygiene, naturopathic medicine, physician assistant and nutrition. Explore University of Bridgeport's wellness based disciplines. 
~Melanie Rogers 203-576-4888

University of Portland School of Nursing 
Learn more about the University of Portland School of Nursing program. 
~Pamela Potter 503-943-8620

Whisperingtree has new and exclusive spiritual working tools, which include selected Artisan Jewelry, Rattles by John Davis, Totem Carvings from Zuni Tribe, and more!
~Whisperingtree.net 800-799-0768

Xlear, Inc. 
All natural products using xylitol. For example: sinus spray, dry mouth spray, cavity fighting dental product, neti-pots, etc. 
~Barbara Vega 801-492-2071

UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NOTED, AHNA refrains from recommending and/or
sanctioning practitioners, organizations, products, services or modalities.
Please refer to
www.ahna.org/endorsedprograms for a list of AHNA endorsed
educational programs.


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