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Reach highly-educated, entrepreneurial holistic nurses!

AHNA offers many opportunities for you to reach thousands of nurses and other holistic health professionals across the country.

Why Advertise with AHNA? 

                AHNA promotes and advances holistic healthcare through professional development, advocacy, and 
                research to transform the face of healthcare and enhance the quality of patient care. 

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to developments in holistic nursing and complementary and alternative healthcare 
- Enhance visibility and name recognition with professional holistic nurses and other healthcare providers 
- Gain invaluable exposure of your product service or program 
- Outshine your competitors 
- Set your organization apart as an advocate of holistic thought and practice 

Types of Organizations that Advertise with Us: 

 - Holistic Products & Services 
                                - Nutri-ceuticals 
                                - Bio-feedback, Electromagnetic & Other CAM Technology 
                                - Nurse Entrepreneurs & Private Practitioners 
                                - CAM & Environmental Advocates 
                                - Continuing Nursing Education Programs 
                                - Universities & Colleges 
                                - Associations & Non-profits 
                                - Government Organizations 
                                - Hospitals & Integrative Clinics
                                - Spa and Retreat locations 


Beginnings Magazine

            Beginnings- Our Bi-Monthly member magazine

                    Click here for a sample issue

            October 2013-Theme: Disaster Care 
            Ad submission deadline 8/01/13 

            February 2014-Theme: Person-Centered Care
            Ad submission deadline 11/15/13

            April 2014-Theme: Intentionality and Presence
            Ad submission deadline 2/01/14 

            June 2014-Theme: Models of Holistic Care 
            Ad submission deadline 4/01/14 

            August 2014-Theme: Burnout and Compassion Fatigue 
            Ad submission deadline 6/01/14 

            October 2014-Theme: Holistic Health Promotion and 
            Management Strategies 
            Ad submission deadline 8/01/14

            Mailed to 5,700+ nationwide members

            *Mail dates are subject to change at the discretion of the AHNA 

 Direct Mail – Download our Mailing List Rental Form here to obtain a full list of over 4,500 members 
                or a list of specific states. 

Electronic - 

            eNewsletter e-mailed to AHNA members -

Our eNewsletter is emailed to 4800+ nationwide members twice a month.
            eNews A will be emailed out the first Thursday of the month. The deadline is the
            15th of the month prior. eNews B will be emailed out the third Thursday of the
            month. The deadline is the first of the month. You must select what Month and
            which section, eNews A or B on your contract. If no selection is written, AHNA will
            determine the issue your ad is places. Dates may be changed at the discretion
            of the AHNA without prior notice. 


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Advertising Policy- Review our advertising policy if your course is currently AHNA approved, or if 
                your course offers contact hours by an entity other than AHNA. 

                Exhibit / Sponsor Annual Conference – 

                Conference Guidebook Advertising – 

                Online Practitioner Listing – Download the order form. 
                        - View our directory in the For Consumers section. 
- Available exclusively to AHNA members. Join Today! 

To reserve ad space, please download the AHNA Media Kit and fax to (785) 234-1713 or email to advertise@ahna.org

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Try using a different browser like Internet Explorer. If you are still unable to open the documents contact advertise@ahna.org.

 For more information about advertising with AHNA, contact advertise@ahna.org or (800) 278-2462. 

Review our advertising policy to see if your course is currently AHNA approved or if your course offers contact hours by an entity other than AHNA. 

AHNA reserves the right to reject any advertisements that do not meet the standards of our publications.


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