Helpful Tips for Writing Your Business Description.

Here are some tips to help you write your business description.  First and foremost, this description is meant to give potential contacts and clients an honest assessment of what you do.  It should be 400 characters or less, clear and concise.  Some things you may wish to list are:

1) Services and products that you offer.
2) Books you have authored.
3) If you are available to speak and the subjects you can speak on. 

This is not meant to be a medium to push a specific product, method or business.  It is merely a listing describing your practice.  Appropriate language and content are, of course, a must.

It is advisable to write your business description in a different program, such as Microsoft Word, which has a spell check program, then cut and paste it into the space allotted below.

Need to make changes to your listing?  Please email or call 1-800-278-2462, ext. 12. 



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