About the Nightingale Moment and Nurses Week

May 12,  Noon, your local time

Each year on May 12 at noon, every nurse around the world is invited to pause, take a moment of silence or create a healing ceremony or ritual in celebration and dedication of the heart and spirit of nursing. We will create a wave of healing consciousness as nurses world-wide observe this moment. Our collective goal is to reach every nurse in the world with this message. Please take the time to distribute this message by letter, phone, fax, e-mail, meetings, networks, and one-on-one sharing. During this 24-hour period, nurses around the world will:

  • Honor Florence Nightingale and her legacy to modern nursing
  • Honor the strength and wisdom of our nursing mission
  • Reconnect with the fire and the soul, the sense of calling in nursing 
  • Acknowledge the interconnections and oneness of nurses in the personal, political, social, and scientific domains 
  • Relight the lamp and carry the vision of caring and healing into the new millennium

Suggestions on how to celebrate National Nurses Week, May 6-12 and the annual world-wide Commemorative Moment for Florence Nightingale, May 12 

  • Recognize a special nurse in your life with a contribution to AHNA.
    Spread the word about the commemorative moment to your coworkers and friends. Pass out fliers, lots of them (fliers can be obtained though the AHNA). 
  • Contact other organizations and associations and groups you belong to seek their support for the Commemorative Moment for Florence Nightingale. 
  • Target businesses that may be interested in marketing to or attracting nurses and ask their support. 
  • Create a banner and posters to display in your workplace (if permitted). 
  • Sponsor a special celebration or reception at a network meeting.
    Work with local hospitals, home health care agencies, and other health-related facilities to set up a special display about the Florence Nightingale Moment and AHNA. 
  • Host a hearing before a city council or hold a town meeting on the recent trends in health care (with special emphasis upon CAM and the AHNA's support of CAM). 
  • Request that your city council officially designate May 12 as Florence Nightingale Day. 
  • Connect with other groups to hold special programs, retreats (day/weekend) highlighting the Florence Nightingale Moment and her contribution to the profession of nursing.  
  • Share this Holistic Stress Management for Nurses handout with your colleagues. 
  • Share your plans with AHNA members and others on the web, contact office@ahna.org for a free 30-word event listing on our Nightingale Moment Events page.

Learn how others are celebrating the Nightingale Moment and Nurses Week

National Nurses Week Logos and Resources

These logos are available for your use, but cannot be used for the production of any t-shirts, mugs, key chains, pins and other gift products. 

Click here to download standard blue logos directly from NNW website and learn about purchase of products featuring blue logo.

There are three versions of the AHNA purple logo. Right click on and choose Save Picture to download.



(pdf) Promote the Nightingale Moment

Blessing of the Hands

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for your local event

(pdf) have your local
city council declare
May 12th as Florence Nightingale Day


Press Release
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eNews Editorial
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to use this editorial at celebrations for
Nurses Week and the Nightingale Moment


Nightingale Talking Points


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