- July 18, 2011
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AHNA Announces 2011 Holistic Nurse of the Year, Dr. Christina Jackson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC

Each year the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA, recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of holistic nursing with the Holistic Nurse of the Year (HNY) award. AHNA proudly honored Christina Jackson PhD, RN, PNP, AHN-BC at their 31st annual conference with the 2011 HNY award for her contributions in furthering the practice of holistic nursing and bringing caring and healing to the forefront of nursing practice. The Holistic Nurse of the Year (HNY) award is presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of holistic nursing.

Christina Jackson, a professor of nursing at Eastern University in Pa., embodies holistic values and is a true leader for holistic education and approaches to care. As a visionary for holistic health and caring/ healing, she models the mission of AHNA ─ to foster a vital community that advances holistic health and nursing.. Jackson "appreciates the power of relationship as an important aspect of healing, and the need to practice self-care." The interconnected mind-body-spirit nature of persons has always made good sense to her.  "These are essential elements of holistic philosophy," explains Jackson.

Jackson is certified as a Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, (through the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation [AHNCC]) since 2004, and is a Certified Holistic Nurse (through AHNCC) since 2001.  She currently works as a tenured professor of nursing for Eastern University St. Davids, Pa. Jackson's background in clinical practice, teaching and developing curricula aligns with AHNA's goals to help improve the healthcare workplace by promoting the incorporation of the concepts of holistic nursing and to educate professionals and the public about holistic nursing and integrative health care.

"Helping patients with holistic approaches to healing is extremly rewarding as is teaching and modeling holistic philosophy to energize nurses who have begun to feel weary, isolated, or cynical", explains Jackson.

Jackson's leadership and capacity to implement holistic programs are essential to the promotion of healing and caring, the two key platforms of AHNA.  Over the years, Jackson has developed holistic nursing curricula and taught courses such as Theoretical Foundations in Professional Holistic Nursing; Psychosocial/ Spiritual Care; Fitness Through Yoga and Pilates; and Holistic Healthcare for Culturally Diverse Populations: Issues in Women's Health.

A major contributor to the field of holistic nursing, Jackson has helped to advance the specialty nursing practice through her numerous activities, teaching, research and publications. Many of Jackson's articles, reports, and publications have made an impact in the holistic nursing field.  Her most recent article, "Back Pain in Children: A Holistic Approach to Diagnosis and Management," appears in the September/October 2011 issue of the Journal of Pediatric Healthcare, available through

Her speaker topics have included: Integrative Strategies for Managing Stress: From MBSR to Positive Emotion; Working with "Challenging" Students: Using Holistic Philosophy to Facilitate Positive Relationship; Incorporating Holistic Content and Approach into Clinical Nursing Education; Holistic/Integrative Approaches to Pain Management; Managing Stress from the Inside Out: A Body, Mind, Spirit Approach; and The Evidence Base for Holistic Nursing Practice.

Jackson acts as a voice for AHNA both personally and professionally, which is one of the HNY requirements. Since 2009 Jackson has been the Associate Editor for the professional journal Holistic Nursing Practice: The Science of Health and Healing. In addition, she serves as an editorial review panel member for the Journal of Holistic Nursing with Editor and past HNY recipient Dr. Richard Cowling. In her personal life, Jackson models holistic living:  "teaching nutrition, yoga, Pilates and practicing aromatherapy and Healing Touch  have  opened me up to a whole realm of possibilities as far as holistic lifestyle and healing practice."

AHNA is pleased to honor Christina Jackson as the new Holistic Nurse of the year. Learn more about the HNY award and AHNA at:


Founded in 1981, AHNA is a non-profit membership association for nurses and other holistic healthcare professionals.  AHNA is the definitive voice for holistic nursing, and promotes the education of nurses, other healthcare professionals, and the public in all aspects of holistic caring and healing, serving as a bridge between conventional health care, the philosophy of holistic nursing  and complementary and alternative healing practices.  Holistic nursing is recognized by the American Nurses Association as an official nursing specialty with a defined scope and standards of practice. Please visit AHNA's website at



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