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American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) Announces the 15th Annual Worldwide Commemorative Moment for Nursing's Florence Nightingale - May 12th

On May 12th at noon, every nurse around the world is invited to pause and observe a moment of silence in celebration of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), the founder of modern nursing. The goal is to reach every nurse in the world with the fundamental principles of holistic nursing.

Holistic nurses join together each year during National Nurses Week (NNW), May 6-12th) to show their gratitude for Nightingale's contributions to both modern health care and holistic nursing. Holistic nurses are the key to quality care in a transformed healthcare system and the specialty of Holistic Nursing resonates with this year's NNW theme, Nurses: Advocating, Leading, Caring. Nursing is the profession with a holistic approach to patient care. Holistic nurses have the experience and expertise to design and implement improved care environments and new ways to advocate for and provide patient-centered care at their facilities and organizations.

The Nightingale Moment is an ideal opportunity to share the spirit of holism during National Nurses Week (NNW) with the entire nursing community. AHNA is encouraging all nurses to take time to celebrate and reflect on the life of Florence Nightingale. Holistic nurses are honoring this day by meeting with other nurses, holding candlelight vigils, participating in "Blessing of the Hands" ceremonies and much more.

During this 24-hour period, nurses around the world will:

*Honor Florence Nightingale and her legacy to modern nursing.
*Honor the strength and wisdom of our nursing mission.
*Reconnect with the sense of calling to the nursing profession.
*Acknowledge the interconnections and oneness of nurses in the personal, political, social and scientific domains.
*Relight the lamp and carry the vision of caring and healing forward for future generations.
*Ways holistic nurses will celebrate Nurses Week 2014 and the Nightingale Moment:
*Organizing special celebrations and self-care days for nurses.
*Working with local hospitals and other health facilities to set up special displays about Florence Nightingale and AHNA.
*Requesting local city councils to officially designate May 12 as Florence Nightingale Day.
*Hosting special programs and retreats.
*Performing "Blessing of the Hands"
*Holding candlelight vigils.
*Writing articles.

AHNA originated the Florence Nightingale Commemorative Moment in 2000 as a celebration of nursing's founder.This interest in Nightingale's influence has spread throughout the world for nearly a decade through the creation of events and special commemorations honoring her.
More information about the annual Nightingale Moment and tips on how to celebrate can also be found at the AHNA website: www.ahna.org/nightingale including a calendar of Nightingale events across the country.


The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) is a non-profit membership association for nurses and other holistic healthcare professionals. Founded in 1981, AHNA is the definitive voice for holistic nursing, and promotes the education of nurses, other healthcare professionals, and the public in all aspects of holistic caring and healing, serving as a bridge between conventional medicine and complementary and alternative healing practices. Holistic nursing is recognized by the American Nurses Association as an official nursing specialty with a defined scope and standards of practice. AHNA's mission is to advance holistic nursing through community building, advocacy, research and education. 


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