Summit 2 on Healing: Honoring Diversity, Finding Common Ground

By Lucia Thornton, President Elect

October 2006

The second Summit on Healing was held in Menlo Park on Sept. 15 -17th. Thirty five participants from around the country gathered for a weekend to share and explore issues central to healing. Healers with expertise in various practices along with representatives from various organizations shared experiences, perspectives and practical advice on ways to foster and enhance holistic healing. A vast spectrum of modalities and professions were represented, including : Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Network Spinal Analysis, Tai Chi, Mandala Healing, Flower Essence Therapy, QiGong, Prayer/SpiritualHealing, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Karuna Reiki, Noetic Field Therapy, Wholistic Psychiatry and of course, Holistic Nursing.

Some of the topics and questions  that were explored included:

  • Who we are?  Transcending the biomedical model
  • Ethics and codes of conduct
  • Maintaining caregiving integrity within the framework of research
  • Energetic boundaries in healing
  • CAM and disaster relief
  • Can Healing practices be managed as Professions?

Fostering Understanding and Appreciation

A spirit of networking filled the summit as healers engaged in both formal and informal gatherings to share stories and exchange ideas. According to one attendee the summit was an “antidote to isolation.” Time was allocated for one-on-one healing exchanges to give participants the opportunity to experience practices and gain an understanding of various healing modalities.

Opportunities for AHNA member involvement

The Summit on Healing is sponsored by the Council for Healing whose mission is to promote understanding of healing and advance access to healing. AHNA has been involved on the Council’s Board for the past year.

Code of Ethics

One of the projects that the board has been engaged in is developing a Code of Ethics for Healers. This is a work in progress and AHNA members are invited to visit the councils website and participate in the creation of this important work.


The Council’s website provides a list of research articles, resources and links that may be useful to AHNA members. In addition, the creation of the Energy Medicine University was announced at the summit gathering. This distance learning program will offer Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Integrative Holistic Health.

The Council for Healing is a network of individual healers and healing organizations whose mission is to promote understanding of healing and advance access to healing.

 Goals of the Council for

  • Further the recognition and credibility of healing
  • Promote the understanding, acceptance and integration of healing modalities in the culture
  • Support healers in the facilitation of healing, including self healing
  • Be a resource for information on the process and effects of healing
  • Encourage cooperation among healing practitioners and organizations
  • Promote a forum for open and respectful exploration of healing in its   personal, transpersonal, and spiritual dimensions
  • Explore moral, ethical and jurisprudential issues of healing
  • Explore other options to further the mission of this council


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