Holistic Nurse of the Year 2001: Rita K. Chow Ed. D, FAAN, RN C, HNC

August 1, 2001

The American Holistic Nurses’ Association (AHNA) announces the Holistic Nurse of the Year:

Dr. Rita Chow, Director of the National Interfaith Coalition on Aging, a program of the National Council on the Aging in Washington, D.C. She embodies the core values of the AHNA, incorporating the principles of the whole person (mind, body and spirit) into her work.

“Since studying holistic nursing, I have gained self-understanding, self-awareness and more social courage to relate to others in an authentic way–in wholeness, shared humanness and connectedness. Making that kind of positive difference, wherever I am, is still my goal,” she says.

Dr. Chow, a credentialed nurse educator and a gerontological and holistic nurse, has presented the results of her work worldwide. She is the recipient of many awards, including the Public Health Services Distinguished Service Medal, “Artist For Life,” first prize from the International Women’s Writing Guild in 1987, and the American Medical Writer’s Association, Atlantic Chapter “Award of Merit” for her textbook Cardiovascular Nursing Care: Understandings, Concepts and Principles for Practice.

Dr. Chow worked as a commissioned officer in the US Public Health Service, in such diverse positions as Director of Nursing for the Prison Services Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, and the Director of Patient Education at the National Hansen’s Disease Center in Carville, La. In these positions Dr. Chow was often instrumental in improving services to the population with whom she was responsible. Before her public health service, she worked as a nursing instructor at universities in California and Michigan.




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