American Holistic Nurses Association Honors Holistic Nurse of the Year 2005 -

Eileen Fahey Cobb of Wyckoff, NJ

For Immediate Release July 1, 2005

The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) announces the 2005 recipient of the Holistic Nurse of the Year Award; Eileen Fahey RNP, MSN, BSN, BSS, AHS.
Eileen Fahey Cobb modestly accepted the Open Heart Sculpture, which was given this year at the AHNA’s annual conference in King of Prussia, Philadelphia, “Holism and Diversity: A Paradigm of Caring.” This award is presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of holistic nursing. Eileen was chosen because she “exemplifies the principles and spirit of holistic nursing and the AHNA. Her “tireless promotion of holism through her nutrition counseling, futuristic thinking and constant quest for knowledge” are part of what makes her stand out. The strength and courage that she has demonstrated in the pursuit of helping others throughout her life has served as a true inspiration.

Eileen is an active participant in the AHNA and in her community. She has lectured throughout the world on the topic of proper nutrition with an emphasis on holism. She also currently holds the position of Environmental Chair for the local American Association of University Women, leads holistic nurses meetings every month, and has served as a Democratic county committeewoman for the last 40 years. By sharing her knowledge on health and her views on the importance of each nurse’s personal contribution to the whole, she is a consistent motivational force to nurses everywhere.

The American Holistic Nurses Association was founded in 1981. With 2700 plus members, the association works to transform health care through activities such as promoting holistic care on a national level, developing standards for Holistic Nursing Practice and publishing and supporting rigorous and credible research




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