Holistic Summit Lays Groundwork for Collaborative Effort

For Immediate Release – May 14, 2004

Contact: Rebecca Lara, Communications Administrator, (800) 278-2462, Ext. 13 communications@ahna.org

On May 2, the AHNA met with several medical organizations to discuss collaboration and the creation of a united, holistic vision for healthcare at the first-ever Holistic Summit. The result was the discussion of the creation of a new Holistic Council, a commitment to meet again in one year, and a new spirit of cooperation among nursing and medical interests. The summit occurred during the annual conference of the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA). Representatives were deliberately limited at this stage to a small number of organizations representing both medicine and nursing.

At the meeting, the participants discussed the formation of a North American Holism Council, that would include representatives from other organizations in North America whose mission is in alignment with this effort. The intention is to find collaborative ways to support the efforts that each participating organization already expends in education, research, clinical innovation, and leadership, not to duplicate any of those efforts. By joining together with focus and intention,  the holism movement can gain increased strength and credibility. A preliminary, working mission statement and set of goals for the Council were defined:

To work as an organizational collaborative to establish holism as the foundation of healthcare in the 21st century.

Goals (tentative):

  • Facilitate the gathering of organizations throughout the continent which represent Holistic practitioners, thus facilitating a unified voice in the realm of holistic clinical care.
  • Establish a cohesive voice regarding U.S. health policy!
  • Focus on health education at every level in our society, from young to old.
  • Enhance collaborative educational opportunity for clinicians interested in Holistic health care.
  • Provide a structure for organizations to learn from and support each other.
  • Facilitate sharing clinical wisdom and lessons amongst its participants clinically and organizationally.
  • Provide advocacy, enhancing the participant’s membership by growing interest in holism.
  • Create mutual cooperation, growth and respect amongst the various fields of holistic healthcare by providing an opportunity for better understanding of each other’s work and increasing the appropriate utilization of each other’s services.
  • Support the holistic practitioner in the purpose and meaning of their work
  • Support member organizations with system transformation towards the growth of holistic practice.

* Please remember that the above goals are a working document.




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