American Holistic Nurses Association Request for Proposals for 2011 Annual Conference

AHNA invites you to submit proposals for the 2011 Annual Conference, Holistic Nursing: Tending to the Sacred Flow of Life, by September 8, 2010 (Poster abstracts will be accepted until December 1, 2010).  The conference will be held June 2-5, 2011 in Louisville, KY at the Downtown Marriott.

The purpose of the conference is to explore our understanding of relationships between holistic nursing and the sacred flow of life.

Theme: From birth through our final transition holistic nurses are present, tending to the sacred flow of life.  Through the creation of caring/healing spaces, they help people find peace within the transformations that are a part of the journey.  Holistic nurses will leave this conference with a deepened awareness of their role in this unique praxis.  Please join us for this special experience.

The Conference Objectives:

   1. Explore the meaning of holistic nursing on a personal, social and global level.
   2. Examine the relationship between holistic praxis (integrated practice, education and research) and transformation.
   3. Engage in reflection to discover our internal rhythms and appreciate our individual uniqueness.
   4. Create practices that support the sacred flow of life between all people.
   5. Express aesthetic (art, music, story) appreciations of the sacred flow of life.

Proposals are being accepted for preconference workshops, workshops, *focused dialogues, research papers, research posters and non-research posters. Eligible proposals must reflect the theme, purpose, and objectives of the conference and topics may apply to practice, education, research, aesthetics and personal & professional development.  All submissions must be relevant to nurses.Proposals will be accepted until 11:59 PM (PDT) on September 8, 2010. Poster proposals will be accepted until December 1, 2010. Nurses, physicians, healthcare and other professionals are welcome to submit proposals.
Click here for more information, submission guidelines and links to the required, online proposal forms.

The conference is a platform for the dissemination of evidence-based, knowledge and skills, and the philosophy of Holistic Nursing. All are invited to participate. The event is expected to draw over 550 attendees.

Guidelines for Submission:

   1. Access the Proposal website via the AHNA website, (Conference>Request for Proposals)
   2. Create an account with
   3. Complete Proposals by 11:59 PM on September 8, 2010 (poster deadline extended to    December 1, 2010)
   4. Additional information may be requested from AHNA prior to review.
   5. Limit of 3 proposals per person/group

Review & Selection Process:

   1. Only fully completed proposals will be reviewed
   2. All proposals are blinded and peer-reviewed
   3. Additional information may be requested from review committee prior to selection

Direct questions to Angela Krupica: or 1(800) 278-2462 Ext. 11


Notice of acceptance will be sent, via email, on or before November 10, 2010. Instructions regarding preparation of presentation for the conference will be included with the acceptance notice.   Poster acceptance sent by February 1, 2011.

*Focused Dialogues engage participants in a shared learning process. The framework allows participants to deepen their understanding of selected issues while exploring and perhaps mutually creating innovative models in practice, education, or research. Focused Dialogues will be offered during the conference and may be guided by one or more facilitators.



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