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Welcome to the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) website. Here you will find information to assist your journey on the path to holistic nursing and holism. 

The AHNA is a specialty nursing association serving over 5,000 nurses and holistic healthcare professionals in the USA and internationally. 

Our mission is to illuminate holism in nursing practice, community, advocacy, research, and education. Our vision is that Every Nurse Is a Holistic Nurse.  

In late 2006, the American Nurses Association (ANA) recognized Holistic Nursing as an official specialty in nursing and assisted AHNA in publishing the Holistic Nursing Scopes and Standards of Practice. Today, AHNA is well-known as the definitive voice for holistic nursing. 



• Nurse Networking Calls Now Approved for CNE
AHNA is happy to announce Nurse Networking Calls have been approved for 1 CNE per call.

AHNA Announces Albuquerque, New Mexico as the 2020 Annual Conference Location
AHNA announces that the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque & Albuquerque Convention Center will be the site of the 40th Annual AHNA Conference. Conference is June 1-7th, 2020.

AHNA Announces Casey Bohannon as Communications Coordinator 
Casey Bohannon has been hired as the new Communications Coordinator for AHNA effective April 16.


• Endorsed Program, Healing Touch – a Global Unitary Approach to Health and Healing, a Healing Touch Workshop available at 2018 Annual Conference

This educational workshop and lecture will explore Healing Touch and engage in centering meditations and “hygiene” tools and interventions for health care professionals.

• Endorsed Program, Healing Touch – Holistic Pain Management for Patient Care, a Healing Touch Workshop available at 2018 Annual Conference
This educational workshop and lecture will explore Healing Touch and its effectiveness in relieving patient pain and anxiety. An interactive portion will offer experience in giving and receiving Healing Touch and how to use it for self-care.

• Endorsed Program, Reducing Fear and Suffering in our Patients and in Ourselves is available at 2018 Annual Conference
This educational workshop and lecture will explore the transpersonal perspective and incorporating complementary clinical skills into the practice of nurse coaching.

• Endorsed Program, Self-Pulse for Self-Care: Maharishi Ayurveda® is available at 2018 Annual Conference
The educational workshop and lecture will explore approaches to health through Maharishi Ayurveda, a comprehensive system of healthcare that is thousands of years old. The participants will go through an experiential exercise, learning and utilizing Ayurvedic Self Pulse. Participants will learn the difference between a balanced and imbalanced pulse and learn daily routine approaches to promote balance.

• Endorsed Program, Acupressure for Anyone: Practical Global Applications, is available at 2018 Annual Conference 
This educational workshop and lecture will explore touch-based healing through the skilled-usage of acupressure. Learn acupressure approaches that have been passed down through generations to address common health issues, both for self-care and patient-care.

AHNA announces that it has acquired an 80+ hour CNE program designed to prepare holistic nurses for the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation (AHNCC) certification exam in Holistic Nursing. The program, entitled “Integrative Healing Arts Program in Holistic Nursing” (IHAP) will be offered in the Fall of 2018 and  focuses on pivotal nursing roles within a new paradigm of healthcare, grounded in a foundation of holism and assisting nurses to incorporate new knowledge and skills in their professional practice. 

• AHNA announces Plenary Presentation, “Therapeutic Cannabis: The Holistic Nurse’s Role,” for 2018 Annual Conference in Niagara Falls, NY
The Plenary Presentation, “Therapeutic Cannabis: The Holistic Nurse’s Role,” is designed to improve a nurse’s understanding of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the largest receptor system in the body and the one responsible for homeostasis. The panel will discuss the history of cannabis prohibition and the interconnections between the ECS’s tone and holistic modalities.


One Day Regional Conference in Denver, CO
On October 5, 2018, the AHNA will hold a regional conference in Denver, CO at the Lowry Conference Center.

One Day Regional Conference in Crestwood, KY
On September 14, 2018, the AHNA will hold a regional conference in Crestwood, KY at the Kavanaugh Conference & Retreat Center


• One Day Regional Conference in Jacksonville, FL
On May 11, 2018 the AHNA will hold a regional conference in Jacksonville, FL at the North Florida University Herbert Center.

AHNA Elects Roxanne Chan, PhD, RN, AHN-BC and Margaret "Maggie" King, PhD, RN-BC, AHN-BC, CNL at AHNA Board Members-at-Large
Roxanne Chan and Maggie King's responsibilities will include determining the vision, direction and guidance for the specialty association and representing holistic nurses nationally and internationally.

AHNA Hires Sierra Moore as New Secretary Receptionist
AHNA welcomes Sierra Moore as the new Secretary Receptionist. Stephanie Mathis, the previous secretary has been promoted to the position of AHNA Education Specialist.

AHNA Elects Barbara Notte, BSN, RN, HN-BC and Mary Joseph PhD, MSN, RN, AHN-BC, APP, to Nominating Committee
Barbara Notte and Mary Joseph's responsibilities will include recruiting potential candidates to serve in elected positions for the 2019 ballot, acting on and cultivating leadership in committees assigned by the President and acting as a liaison between the Association and other organizations.

• AHNA 2018 Annnual Conference Endnote Speaker will be Madeline Naegle, PhD, CNS-PMH, BC, FAAN
Madeline Naegle, Director of the NYU World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization Collaborating Center for Geriatric Nursing Education, will present the Endnote, "Holistic Nursing; Creating and Expanding Global Presence,” at the AHNA Annual Conference in Niagara Falls, NY on Sunday, June 10th, 2018.

• Nursing Educators Webinar Series: Holism & Holistic Nursing Curriculum Focused
AHNA will begin offering one-hour webinars to facilitate faculty curriculum development in holistic nursing education on January 25. Participants will examine the relationship among social and legislative events, healthcare transformation and nursing education within a historical and contemporary context. Additional webinars will introduce the principles of holistic nursing education, the essential requirements for basic and advanced holistic nursing educational programs, and implications for planning curricula at the basic through doctoral levels.


• AHNA to participate in inaugural Integrative Pain Care Policy Congress in San Diego
Terri Roberts J.D., R.N. executive director of the American Holistic Nurses Association will join 75 leaders representing the full scope of licensed and certified health care professionals involved in pain care, along with insurers, government officials, regulators, researchers, and policy experts in San Diego October 21 -22 at the first ever Integrative Pain Care Policy Congress.The Congress will provide an opportunity for experts to come together and discuss ways to improve pain care policy in the U.S. 

• The December 2017 Issue of the Journal of Holistic Nursing will Focus on Advanced Holistic Nursing Practice
The Journal of Holistic Nursing (JHN) will have a special focus on Advanced Holistic Nursing Practice with past AHNA President, Mary Enzman Hines, APRN, PhD, CNS, CPNP, APHN-BC, of Aurora, Colorado as a guest editor for the December 2017 edition.

• One-Day Regional Conference Troutdale, OR
On April 27, 2018 the AHNA will hold a regional conference entitled Holistic Self-Care: Your Secret Power for Enhancing Patient Care in Troutdale, OR at McMenamins Edgefield. Nurses will gain new self-care skills they can use at home or work including: aromatherapy, energy healing, movement, resilience and more.

One-Day Regional Conference Poulsbo, WA
On March 23, 2018, AHNA will hold a regional conference in Poulsbo, WA at the Kiana Lodge. Nurses will gain new self-care skills they can use at home or work including: aromatherapy, energy healing, movement, resilience and more. 

• Journal of Holistic Nursing Accepted by the Emerging Sources Citation Index
The Journal of Holistic Nursing (JHN) has been accepted for Indexing in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) Now that the JHN has been accepted it will benefit from connections to the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science ™ Core Collection; which offers greater discoverability, more measurable citations and more transparency in the selection process. 

• AHNA announces the 2018 Annual Conference Keynote Speaker
Dr. Judith Shamian, RN, PhD, D.Sc, (Hon), LLD (Hon), FAAN, Past-President of the International Council of Nurses, and former President and CEO of Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) Canada, will be the keynote speaker at their 2018 annual conference in Niagara Falls, NY.

• The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation and the American Holistic Nurses Association Announce the Release of New Holistic Nursing Curriculum Guidelines 
Foundations, Competencies, and Curricular Guidelines for Basic to Doctoral Holistic Nursing Education is now available for download at the AHNCC website. Complimentary download will be available October 15, 2017 through September 30, 2018.

• AHNA President Lorenz Lourdes-Miller Offers Condolences to Las Vegas on Behalf of AHNA
The American Holistic Nurses Association extends our deepest condolences to the people of Las Vegas and to those grieving after the incident on October 1st, 2017.

• The AHNA 2018 Exhibitor Prospectus is Now Available for Viewing! 
Learn more about the numerous advertising advantages that AHNA offers to our exhibitors and how AHNA can create a package to fit any budget or needs. 


• AHNA President Lourdes Lorenz-Miller meets with Kansas Attorney General, Derek Schmidt
AHNA President Lourdes Lorenz-Miller, MSN-IH, RN, AHN-BC, NEA-BC thanking him for leading 37 state Attorneys Generals in taking a stand on addressing the opioid crisis through health insurance reimbursement policies for non-pharmacological interventions.

• AHNA Recognizes the Recipients of the 2017 Journal of Holistic Nursing Writing Award for Practice
Margaret Erickson, PhD, RN, CNS, APHN-BC, Helen Erickson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, Mary Brekke, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, Mary Natschke, RN, BAS, HNB-BC, IAC, Kay Sandor, PhD, RN, AHN-BC and Mary Elaine Southard, DNP, RN, HWNC, APHN-BC, received the Journal of Holistic Nursing Writing Award for Practice for their article “A Proactive Innovation for Health Care Transformation, Health and Wellness Coaching.” 

• AHNA Recognizes the Recipient of the 2017 Journal of Holistic Nursing Writing Award for Education

William H. Deane, PhD, MSN, RN-BC of Dartmouth, Massachusetts was awarded the 2017 Journal of Holistic Nursing JHN Writing Award for Education for his article, “Incorporating Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations to Promote Holistic Communication Between Older Adults and Nursing Students.”

AHNA now Endorses the Transpersonal Nurse Coaching program offered by Huntington Meditation and Imagery 
AHNA recognizes the Transpersonal Nurse Coaching Program, a series of courses worth 87.5 CNE focused on transpersonal communication in nursing, as its newest Endorsed Program. The skills acquired from Transpersonal Nurse Coaching can be used to create a relationship of trust with the patient/client, cultivating awareness, presence and self-knowing, connecting with inner wisdom, establishing patient/client-centered goals, assessing readiness to change, effective communication skills including deep listening, motivational interviewing and appreciative inquiry and active imagination, all to create a deeper connection both with the patient and themselves. Learn more at

Thank You for Completing the AHNA Membership Survey
AHNA would like to thank the 1049 individuals who took the time to complete the 2017 AHNA Membership Survey. We would also like to congratulate the winners of the incentive prizes for participating! 


• American Holistic Nurses Association now Soliciting Workshop Proposals for 2018 Conference
July Webinar- July 19, 2017 at 1:00pm EST Holistic Nursing Research: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?
Speaker: Colleen Delaney PhD, RN, AHN-BC; Cynthia Barrere PhD, RN, CNS, AHN-BC, FAAN; Amy Kenefick Moore, PhD, RN, APRN, CNM, FNP-BC; & Ruth McCaffrey, DNP, ARNP, FAAN

• One Day Regional Conference in Pompano Beach, FL
On March 23, 2018 the AHNA will hold a regional conference entitled Holistic Self-Care: Your Secret Power for Enhancing Patient Care in Pompano Beach, FL. Nurses will gain new self-care skills they can use at home or work including: aromatherapy, energy healing, movement, resilience and more.


• AHNA's 2017 Practice Grant Award winner is Northern Westchester Hospital
Northern Westchester Hospital plan to use this grant to create a self-care program for their Oncology Unit staff and nurses that is based on Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring and her Caritas Process. The goal is to support the nursing staff to care for themselves so that they feel more confident and better able to care holistically for their patients.

• AHNA's 2017 Institutional Excellence Award winner is Broward Point
Broward Point was selected thanks to the BHIP Clinical Services’ governance structure that has evolved to recognize the need to develop a dedicated council focused on holistic nursing care and practice and in 2014, the BHIP Holistic Care Council (HCC) was formed. This Council is interdisciplinary and works through transformational leadership. The primary goal is to foster an environment of healing throughout the healthcare environment with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships.

• AHNA's 2017 Holistic Nurse Rising Star is Christine Eaches RN-BC HW-NC
The Holistic Nurse Rising Star award recognizes a new nurse who dedicates themselves to a holistic path and applies creative holistic practices and epitomizes holism in their personal and professional lives. Christine Eaches, served as the perfect example with her practice at the Cardiac Care Unit at Huntington Hospital where she also assists in leading the Holistic Nursing Council.

• AHNA's 2017 Research Grant Award recipient is Dawn Langley-Brady, PhD(C), RN, AHN-BC, CHPN, CCAP
Dawn will use this grant to fund her research project ‘Essential Oils Effect on Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Pain in Breast Cancer: A Mixed Methods Study’. The study will look at the hypothesis that a topically-applied Essential Oil blend (containing Curcuma longa, Mentha x piperita, Pelargonium asperum, Piper nigrum, Rosmarinus officinalis ct. cineole, and Zingiber officinale) reduces chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) pain and improves quality-of-life in breast cancer patients.

• 2017 Bea Alley Scholarship recipient is Catherine Szal, RN
This scholarship was named in honor of lifetime AHNA member, Bea Alley, an early leader in holistic nursing, and is intended to keep her memory alive. The scholarship allows students to take part in the wonderful opportunities at conference so that they may expand their holistic education.

• 2017 Charlotte McGuire Graduate Scholarship recipient is Stephanie Hope, RN, BSN, NC-BC
The Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program was named in honor of AHNA Founder, Charlotte McGuire and is intended to recognize and celebrate upstanding members of the new generation of holistic nurses dedicated to practicing holistic nursing at the graduate levels.

• 2017 Charlotte McGuire Undergraduate Scholarship recipient is Deborah Greenspan, RN, RM, CNHP, CHPN
The Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program was named in honor of AHNA Founder, Charlotte McGuire and is intended to recognize and celebrate upstanding members of the new generation of holistic nurses dedicated to practicing holistic nursing at the undergraduate.

• AHNA's 2017 Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award is Noreen Frisch, PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN of Victoria, BC Canada
The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to celebrate the outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of holistic nursing; a way of acknowledging all the holistic nursing work accomplished through sustained participation in AHNA and advancing the specialty practice of holistic nursing.

• AHNA's 2017 Holistic Nurse of the Year is Debra Rose Wilson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, CHT, of Nashville, Tennessee
The Holistic Nurse of the Year (HNY) award is intended to recognize AHNA members with outstanding innovation and/or a change in the field of holistic nursing. It highlights nurses who have been working in holistic nursing for several years and have demonstrated a commitment towards the Holistic Nursing’s core values.

• Lourdes Lorenz-Miller, DHA-(c), MSN-IH, RN, AHN-BC, NEA-BC installed as the 2017-2019 AHNA President
AHNA is proud to announce that Lourdes Lorenz-Miller, DHA(c), MSN-IH, RN, AHN-BC, NEA-BC was officially instated as the President of the AHNA at the Annual Conference in Rancho Mirage on June 5 - 10th. 


• AHNA's 2017 Annual Conference Plenary Speaker is Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation sponsored Christine M. Hopkins, APN, FNP-BC, MSN.
Ms. Hopkins’s presentation, “Understanding the Complex Diagnosis and Needs of People Living with Substance Abuse Disorders,” is on Friday, June 9th at 10:30 am through 11:30 am. 
Prior to joining the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in May 2017, Christine worked in a wide range of settings, with clinical experience in Level I trauma centers and post-acute rehabilitation facilities in the Chicago area. Her clinical practice has allowed her to focus on peri-anesthesia care, acute and chronic pain management, and spine injuries, as well as chronic medical conditions and debilities. Christine’s understanding of a holistic and integrated approach combining medical and psycho-social content allows her to comprehensively address all aspects of the patient’s care. She regards the utilization of a multidisciplinary team approach as the most successful dynamic, creating a cornerstone between herself, her patients and the collaborating team.

• Delight Your Colleagues or Students with the Holistic Nurses' Pain Relief Tools for Patients & Self-Care!
This beautiful quick-reference guide provides 8 core actions and 11 nonpharmacologic pain management nursing interventions that are safe, simple, effective and evidence-based. Use with patients and for your own pain relief, too.
Now through May 12, get the Nurses' Week Gift Pack: 25 Pain Relief Tools for Patients & Self-Care on high quality cardstock in gorgeous glossy color plus 25 Nurture the Nurse from A to Z Bookmarks full of holistic tips for taking care of ourselves! Get 25 gifts for only $12 + shipping! Go to to purchase.
Or go to to download, print, and share this 2-page pdf for free!


• Announcing the Overflow Hotel w/ Shuttle Services for the 2017 AHNA Conference:
The DoubleTree by Hilton Golf Resort Palm Spring Area will be available for lodging as an over-flow hotel location until May 15th, please click the link above for more information. 
Room Rate is $139 per night 

• ICN Theme for the 2017 International Nurses Day
The International Council of Nurses’ theme for the 2017 International Nurses Day is 2017 - NURSES: A VOICE TO LEAD - ACHIEVING THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.  The toolkit, and the accompanying website, video and social media campaign raise awareness both amongst the nursing profession and the general population and policy makers of what the SDGs are and why they matter. This year’s campaign aims to give to all the chance to contribute at their own level and recognize the efforts they already make every day to achieve these goals. 


• AHNA's New Website is Now Live!
Our website has been redesigned to provide a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality, allowing you to access up to date content with the option to share information across all major social networking sites.

• AHNA Member Jill E. Bormann, PhD, RN, FAAN Designated as Academy Edge Runner by American Academy of Nursing
AHNA member Jill E. Bormann, PhD, RN, FAAN of San Diego, CA received designation as an Academy Edge Runner for her Mantram Repetition Program (MRP): Mind-Body-Spiritual Approach to Symptom and Stress Management by the American Academy of Nursing. The program is the result of her 18 years of research on spirituality's influence on health and has been proven to be a viable non-pharmacological option for treating populations suffering from symptoms of psychological distress.

• Aromatherapy Education Webinar Series Offered by the American Holistic Nurses Association
The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), in response to registered nurses becoming increasingly interested in the use of essential oils in healthcare, is offering a series of three evidence-based aromatherapy webinars that are approved for 1 hour of continuing nursing education

• AHNA Releases First Section of Holistic Pain Relief Toolkit for Nurses
The American Holistic Nurses Association, in response to the chronic pain and opioid abuse epidemic, has released the first section of its Holistic Pain Relief Toolkit. This section of the Toolkit is a 2-page pdf designed to be a quick guide to nursing pain management interventions that are safe, simple and effective. Nurses are encouraged to download, print, and freely share the Holistic Nurses' Pain Relief Tools for Patients & Self-Care with their peers.


• AHNCC releasing Holistic Nursing Role Delineation Study Next Week, Prizes Offered for Completion
AHNCC will release a Holistic Nursing Role Delineation Study (RDS) next week. This study is vital to EVERYONE who is a Holistic Registered Nurse or wants to become one. RDS analysis is used to inform the public and other stakeholders about the work Holistic Nurses do. It is also essential for the AHNCC to offer nationally accredited and ANCC Magnet recognized certification exams. Please set aside time to take this survey, for the benefit of all Holistic Nurses and yourself. Prizes will be awarded for completion.

• AHNA joins call to urge Trump and Congress to place patient health and patient-provider relationships first in health reform
The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) joined 36 of America’s leading nursing organizations to call on the Trump Administration and Congress to prioritize patient health and patient-provider relationships in any health reform proposals. AHNA affirms our commitment to advancing patient-centered health care and health care policies that reflect the best interests of patients and the health of our nation.

• NANDA-I approves the "Imbalanced Energy Field" nursing diagnosis
AHNA is celebrating the NANDA-I vote announced this week approving the “Imbalanced Energy Field” nursing diagnosis submitted in 2016 by the AHNA NANDA-I Energy Task Force chaired by Noreen Frisch PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN. This nursing diagnosis will support registered nurses performing energy modalities in documenting their clients responses.  Congratulations to the Task Force members 

• SAGE Publishers has new online platform for Journal of Holistic Nursing. 
The new system will require ALL AHNA members that want online access to the JHN to register for access, those members with access currently will need to re-register for access. 



Monday, May 28, 2018 - Memorial Day- AHNA offices closed

Friday, June 1, 2018 - Monday, June 4, 2018 - Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium, Black Mountain, NC

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - AHNA Boston Chapter Meeting, Boston, MA

Monday, June 5 - Sunday, June 10 - AHNA 38th Annual Conference - Niagara Falls, NY

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - Western New York Chapter of the AHNA Meeting, Kenmore, NY

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - Independence Day- AHNA offices closed

Monday, September 3, 2018 - Labor Day - AHNA offices closed

Friday, September 14, 2018 - AHNA Regional Conference - Crestwood, KY

Friday, October 5, 2018 - AHNA Regional Conference - Denver, CO

Sunday, June 1 - Friday, June 7, 2019- AHNA 39th Annual Conference- Tulsa, OK