Deborah (Deb) Shields PhD, RN, CCRN, QTTT, AHN-BC
Associate Professor of Nursing at Capital University
Columbus, Ohio

Debra Shields is the Associate Professor of Nursing at Capital University, Columbus, Ohio Staff Nurse PACU  Doctors Hospital OhioHealth Columbus, Ohio Private Practice  Therapeutic Touch Therapist, Teacher, Mentor.

II have served on EPC since ~2005. I was a committee member and, in that role, learned so much and worked with Del Welch, Angela, Mary Hines and Mary Anne Hanley to develop a survey related to the creation of an online library; I analyzed the qualitative data and wrote the report for LC. I moved into the Chair of EPC in ~2007; what an AMAZING experience this has been...what a fabulous team! We have evaluated programs, revised both FOHN and the Introduction to Holistic Nursing CNE program, worked with the elder care modules, streamlined the JHN CNE I had the chance to 'help' with all of the preparation for the ANCC visit. I have learned so so much from  my EPC colleagues, past and current; I have learned much by doing the jobs. I have become very familiar and comfortable with the dynamic criteria that are ANCC. I also served as the Lead Nurse Planner for 2010 and 2011 annual conference; we have really been creative in planning these (I believe) and have been able to award CNE for Sharing Circle facilitators (2010), and to research mentors and mentees. In 2011 we successfully implemented teleconferences which have transformed into webinars - with Sue Robertson as my partner! This is a wonderful collaboration between Research and Education and the evaluations have been very positive. In early 2012, we began offering CNE for one article in each issue of Beginnings.

I currently serve as the Education Coordinator for AHNA. When I was elected I was the Lead Nurse Planner, working with EPC. As we moved through this year, I assumed the role of NPRL and began my work with EAC and PRC. This has been a gift, a blessing and, in all honesty, a straight up learning curve. These are three big units and my goal is to ensure our membership that the educational activities are solid. I am currently working to streamline the a number of processes (ie: application) and to ensure that the 2013 ANCC criteria are reflected in ALL of the education forms and processes that we use. I am also intentionally working to ensure a smooth transition as we move to AH in all areas of our beloved AHNA, with a special focus on education.

I have been very blessed in my life and have served with others in a variety of roles. I served for 12 years on the Board of Therapeutic Touch International Assocates as the Programs Trustee and then the Resource Trustee. I currently serve TTIA as a grant writer and chair of the History Project. I also have held numerous positions within the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) on national workgroups and as the chapter advisor for Indiana and Ohio; additionally, I served the Central Ohio Chapter of AACN in all elected positions and chaired an annual conference committee for 17 years.

At the University, I currently chair the Academic Affairs Committee of the Senate and serve on the IRB; I am also a member of many committees in the nursing deparrtment. I led the workgroup that assembled the documentation that resulted in the endorsement of all four of our programs by AHNCC. I am a member of the Research Committee and the CAM Committee at Doctors Hospital.

Ultimately…as I list my opportunities…it is important for the reader to know that this is not about me but rather the blessing of working collaboratively with others in service.


Degree: PhD
Area of Studay: Interdisciplinary Studies with specialty in Holistic Nursing
Educational Institution: Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio

Degree: MS
Area of Study: Nursing
Educational Institute: Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio

Degree: BSN
Area of Study: Nursing
Educational Institution: Ohio Univerity in Athens, Ohio

My Academic Achievements and honors include graduating summa cum laude from every program, being a member of STT and Phi Beta Delta, and being selected as faculty to award pins at graduation.

My current position as an educator, my goal is to create a caring/healing environment where learners stretch and grow…and leave with more questions, feeling strengthened in their holistic nursing practice. I teach Holistic Healing and Therapeutic Touch each semester, Research and Assessment to post-licensure learners and I am a member of the faculty teaching a wonderful course 'interdisciplinary Exloration of Human Experience" - currently we are exploring hope. I also serve learners as an academic advisor, primarily in the BSNC program.

As a staff nurse my goal is to create a caring/healing environment where clients and their families experience peace, comfort and healing…whatever that is for them. I currently practice in PACU

Deborah (Deb) Shields PhD, RN, CCRN, QTTT, AHN-BC is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, a staff nurse in PACU at Doctors Hospital OhioHealth in Columbus, and a Qualified Therapeutic Touch teacher, practitioner and mentor. She received her PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Holistic Nursing from Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio; her Masters in Nursing from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio; and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Deb lives with her husband David in a cabin that they, with the help of their beloved family and friends, built many years ago. She loves living in southeast Ohio amidst the beauty of nature and a variety of earth dwellers. Deb enjoys being and she gardens, reads, writes poetry and is an avid walker. Her family and friends are the deepest gifts in her life...and bearing witness to her grandchildren growing up is a joy beyond words!

Statement of Belief

Just as national healthcare is transforming, so, too is the AHNA. Over these months we have experienced a number of changes that have invited each of us to question, to dialogue, and to reflect deeply on our lives as holistic nurses and AHNA members. During this transformation we have lived a myriad of experiences - grief, discomfort, hope, wonder and so much more. Within this journey, however, I trust in the possibilities that are unfolding. Building on the solid foundation that is AHNA…our beloved founders and each of you…I envision our association as a solid voice for holistic nurses committed to caring/healing practices and leaders in healthcare reform. I believe this is possible because of your compassionate commitment to this lifeway.

Education encompasses activities that promote inter-professional development. Being attuned to contemporary movements that inform education, we have opportunities to forge strategic, interdisciplinary relationships which will support our collective voice in the dialogue. I am committed to working collaboratively to enhance the evolving knowledge base of holism and its role in emerging health care policy. I suggest developing creative, diverse, and conceptually based CNE programs that use emerging technologies and platforms. I bring a vision and a solid understanding of the ANCC standards and processes; ultimately, I bring my heart and my listening ears to the role. I am passionate about working with each of you, carving a bold future for AHNA and, ultimately, those we serve.


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