AHNA Research Committee

The Research Committee’s goals are to foster the growth of knowledge and expertise in individual holistic nurse and in the organization, and prepare holistic nurses to utilize and conduct holistic nursing research.

The membership of the research committee of AHNA includes volunteers who have research knowledge, education and practical experience. In AHNA we aim to build a cadre of experts who are committed to support, teach, mentor, and role-model investigating and using holistic theory and modalities in practice this fosters a solid theory and evidence base for practice.

Objectives for 2010-2011:  

  • Provide a research forum at the annual conference.
  • Offer at least one research scholarship (grant) per year.
  • Mentor novice researchers through the development of a mentor program.
  • Support activities of more experienced researchers by dissemination of their work in the research e-news and website.
  • Develop resources for funding and fund raising.
  • Provide information to members about research opportunities, resources and research finding.
  • Foster and expand a multi-site, multi-method study of healing and holistic nursing.
  • Develop the research committee and leaders within that group who can and will take over projects and assist in the leadership of the committee
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Presentation at Conference - June 2012
Report to Leadership Committee - April 2010
Report to Leadership Committee -January 2010

Policy on AHNA Member Utilization for Research Purposes

AHNA is an association comprised of skilled nurses with various educational and experiential backgrounds. Thus AHNA offers a rich source of data for individuals who wish to learn more about this group of nurses. Additionally, the annual AHNA conference brings a large group of holistic nurses from diverse practice settings together.  THe AHNA Research Committee has a developed a policy on how such research may be conducted. View policy

Help Us Grow Our Database

In an effort to collect information about the research and scholarly expertise in our association we are asking you to provide us with updated information on your research and scholarly activities. Thank you for completing the following information which will help us develop our data bank of resources for potential consultation and for developing our web library.  Please complete this survey and return to research@ahna.org  

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