Research Profile:
Lynn Rew EdD, RN, C, AHN-BC, FAAN
True confession:  Nearly 30 years ago when I finished writing and defending my dissertation to earn my doctorate in education, I proclaimed to the world that I would never again do one bit of research. I hated it, I had endured it, I didn't understand it all that well, and now it was time to get on with my practice of holistic nursing! Well, it didn't take long before I realized that even with a doctorate, I had plenty more to learn about holistic nursing and how to provide the best services for my growing clientele.

Nursing research is now an integral and vital part of my life and I hope I never have to stop doing it. As a holistic nurse, I want and need to know what is at the cutting edge of knowledge development and the best way to know this is to conduct the studies that build that knowledge. Even if a nurse doesn't have the academic preparation or desire to do research, we all need to know how to find it, evaluate it, and incorporate it into our practice. A good way to begin is to keep a notebook full of burning questions-what is this? How is this related to that? What happens if we do this? How can we make this or that happen? Another good way to begin is by reading a variety of professional literature. Books generally summarize information that is at least a year or two old, so journals are the best way to keep up with the latest findings. And reading broadly, across disciplines, will ensure that you are keeping up with the many dimensions of human behavior  and health. It has taken a long time for me to become comfortable saying that I am a researcher, but with several federal grants on my CV, I'm proud to say that I'm happy with that designation. As holistic nurses, we are familiar with imagining the best life has to offer, and then living our dreams. My dream now is to keep doing research until the day I die!

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The picture shows me on the "drag" at The University of Texas at Austin. In the background is a group of homeless youth who participated in my research.

 I hold the Denton & Louise Cooley and Family Centennial Professorship in Nursing at The University of Texas at Austin (since 1983). My BSN was earned at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu. My MSN and EdD were both earned at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. My post-doctoral fellowship in adolescent health was completed at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

I was a founding member of AHNA and a member of the original editorial board of JHN, which began in March 1983. I became editor in 1997 with Volume 15 (1) and served in that capacity through 2005, Volume 23 (4). I then served as Assoc. Editor for Research until December, 2007.

My research has focused on intuition and health behaviors of adolescents.

Lynn's research publications include:

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