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Another Great Conference
Conference was awesome to say the least. Again the enthusiasm for research development in holistic nursing was palpable and demonstrated by over 40 people's willingness to stay through our research planning meeting (even with the unexpected drumming ceremony going full blast next door!). 
A summary of our research planning meeting is available on the AHNA Web site

At the meeting, several new people expressed interest in working on projects for research development in AHNA. We still need more of you to help with ideas and who are willing to work on the development of our Web site resources, finding funding sources, and submitting proposals for presentations and posters at conferences and for grants. We also need you to submit articles for the Journal of Holistic Nursing, and for Connections, this research eNewsletter. For Connections, we are specifically looking for articles about methodology and tools as well as articles about IRB. Also, we welcome guest editorials and still need nominations for our monthly cameo focus.** Please e-mail your ideas and articles to rorryz@aol.com.
Presentations at Conference
This year we had six research presentations and 28 posters. Read more about them in the article below or on the AHNA Web site.

Research One-on-One Consultations
The research one-on-one consultations were also conducted during the conference. Ten people benefited from this project. Verbal reports were again very enthusiastic, and because there was a small charge for the service, some income was generated for AHNA. The 1:1 mentoring, which is a great resource for new or even experienced researchers, will continue at the next conference.  Thanks to the members of the research committee who have given their time to make this such a success!

Studies Conducted at Conference
Six studies were conducted at the conference. These included two that involved students, one that was associated with a poster in which the presenter asked participants to talk about their views of qualitative research, and another one involved stories collected from workshop participants on the role of reflective practice with nurse leaders. The final two studies were sponsored by the AHNA research committee: one on the consultation experience and the development of a mentorship program, and the other collected stories from members attending the conference about their experiences with healing. If you attended conference and haven't e-mailed your story,  please send to Marlaine Smith msmit230@fau.edu. This study will be expanded at a later date and will include more of the AHNA membership.

Research Survey
In an effort to learn what our members are doing related to research, a short survey was distributed to attendees about their research and scholarly activities. If you did not attend conference or if you forgot to turn it in at conference, please download and complete the survey and return it to Amber, info@ahna.org.

Looking Forward to 2010
For next year's conference (2010), we also plan to have at least one session specifically devoted to holistic research.  Let us know what topics you would like to see addressed related to holistic research (both doing research and research utilization).
Also consider submitting a proposal for presentation or a poster. We need proposals for pre-conference, workshops, panels and posters for next year's conference in Colorado Springs. Proposals for presentations are due September 9, 2009. Guidelines and theme are on the AHNA Web site.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

Rorry Zahourek PhD, PMHCNS-BC , AHN-BC
AHNA Leadership Council Coordinator for Research
Research at Conference
AHNA Members view posters at conferenceThis year we had six research papers and 28 posters at conference. The research papers varied and included three that focused on students learning: 
1. The completion of a study, funded by an AHNA grant, by Lori Settersten PhD, RN, WHNP, C, FNP, BC, "The Effect of Esoteric Healing in Critical Thinking Among Family Nurse Practitioner Student"
2. Lisa Ruth-Sahd DEd, RN, CEN, CCRN presented her study, "The Use of Nursing Student Dyads to Create Sacred Space in the Clinical Experience"
3. "Holistic Coping in BSN Students" by Kathleen Hudson RN, MSN, MBA and Linda Colvin RN, MS
Two studies focused on self care for the nurse and nursing staff. Marlaine Smith RN, PhD, AHN-BC, FAAN presented a study by Anne Vitale PhD, APN, "Nurses' Lived Experience of Reiki for Self-Care" and Patricia J. Meyer RN, MS, AOCN, LMT, CCAP presented "Aromatherapy for Stress Management: Caring for the Hospital Caregivers".
An interesting (and unusual for AHNA) study using a basic science research approach with rats was "Are We in 'Tune' with Wound Healing?" presented by Susan McAlister DNP (c), RN, CMP. This study looked at the effect of different sound frequencies on rats' pressure sore healing rates.
Information about the posters from conference are available in the research section of the AHNA Web site.
Present at AHNA's 2010 Conference
AHNA invites you to submit proposals for the 2010 Annual Conference, Re-Visioning Environment: Creating a Habitat for Healing, by September 9, 2009 (Poster abstracts will be accepted until December 1, 2009).   All forms and guidelines for proposal submissions are available on the AHNA website.
BOOK REVIEW: Clinical Research in Practice
Clinical Research in PracticeClinical Research in Practice: A Guide for the Bedside Scientist (by Janet Houser PhD, RN, and Joanna L. Bokovoy DrPH, RN; published by Jones & Bartlett 2006.)

Click here for a table of contents.

Reviewed by Debra Lee James RN, BSN

I've never written a book review before this, and I've never done research outside of school before reading this book. Yet this book inspired me to begin my research project in the county hospital where I work, and it inspired me to write my first book review. Is it synergy? Is it kismet? Luckily you don't need to understand either of those words to reap the benefits of this book. The first chapter starts right where it should by explaining the importance of research in clinical practice. Imagine that? There it was in black and white print: research separates myth from evidence in what I do as a nurse. Research improves my professionalism as a nurse. Research improves my quality of care as a nurse. Research improves ME as a nurse.

This book is truly written for the "bedside scientist." The layout of the chapters is logical, giving the reader a simple starting point, flows easily and uses terminology that is not cumbersome (i.e. a dictionary need not be close at hand.) In fact, the glossary of terms, concepts in action, check lists and additional resources are enough to give even the most skittish of researchers the confidence to move forward. The appendices even include an example of a signed consent form. This book takes the reader from deciding on a research question through planning for publication. It is a well-rounded book that can be used as a resource over and over. Definitely one for any nurse's professional library.

Wanted: Your Research & Expertise for the AHNA Web Site
Do you have an idea for research related information you would like to have on our Web site? Would you like to work on coordinating the web effort with Rorry and Amber? Do you have a published research paper that you feel would be especially useful, and you are able to get permission for its placement on the Web site? Would you like to develop a research-oriented educational module for our Web site?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact us! E-mail Rorry at rorryz@aol.com
Hooray! Holistic Nursing Research Chapter is Now on Our Web Site
Barbie Dossey, Lynn Keegan and Jones and Bartlett have generously agreed to let AHNA place the research chapter, "Holistic Nursing Research: Challenges and Opportunities" from the 5th edition of Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice in the article library on the AHNA Web site.  Many thanks for helping to make this valuable resource available to nurses!
Congratulations to Research Grant Recipients
Congratulations to Judith M. Fouladbakhsh PhD, APRN, BC, AHN-BC, CHTP and Jeanette Plodek CSHN, CCAP/I, PhDc. They are the recipients of this year's AHNA Research Grants. 
Judith is investigating "A Pilot Study of Gentle Yoga for Lung Cancer Patients: Focus on Body, Mind and Spirit." Her study will examine the feasibility of a gentle yoga intervention for post-treatment lung cancer patients who are currently living in the community. AHNA is granting her $1500 for this project.
Jeanette is a doctoral student at Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco, California. The main purpose of her doctoral research, "The Effects of Daily Usui Ryoho Reiki Self-Treatments on the Perceived Stress Levels of Staff Nurses" is to explore the effect of Usui Ryoho Reiki self-treatments as self-care on perceived stress and cortisol rhythms among specialty nurses such as ICU or NIC nurses. AHNA is providing $500 to assist her with the qualitative section of her research.
Resources for Researchers
Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Foundation Research Grants are available for research of breast cancer, lung cancer and translation to practice. A Letter of Intent for the Breast Cancer Grant is due September 1, 2009, with dates for the other grants coming soon after that. Click here for more information.
Do You Want to Publish?
Journal of Holistic NursingAHNA's Journal of Holistic Nursing (JHN) offers a path to publication for holistic nursing researchers. JHN seeks to publish work that contributes to the development of knowledge regarding holism, holistic health and nursing.
Until September 1, 2009, JHN is seeking papers for a special issue on Florence Nightingale. Throughout 2010, The Year of The Nurse, they will be seeking manuscripts that illuminate the significant contributions of holistic nursing to the larger discipline of nursing, to healthcare and the well-being of our world.
JHN is also very interested in receiving meta-analysis and critical literature reviews.  Guidelines for critical literature reviews are included in the overall submission guidelines. 
Click here for submission guidelines.
We Need You!
For the next issue of Connections we need a general article on human subject's protection: what is an IRB? Why do we need one? What kind of studies needs an IRB? How do you obtain one particularly if you are not in an institution or university? What kind of study is exempt?

Please also send us your experiences with IRB. We have collected some already that will be included in that issue. Send all articles to rorryz@aol.com and info@ahna.org. Thank you in advance.
Translating CAM Research Results Into Clinical Practice: Results From a National Survey of Physicians and CAM Providers
The Integrator Blog recently highlighted a study from the Archives of Internal Medicine. This survey of NDs, LAcs, internests and rheumatologists sought to assess the awareness of current research in CAM and willingness to put this knowledge into practice among the two "CAM" and two conventional practitioner groups. Although this study did not include nurses, it may give you insights into how your colleagues view CAM and CAM research.
The Integrator Blog had the following comment about the study: "The NCCAM review of the article points out an odd paradox. Clusters of CAM practitioners were both more likely to view research as 'most important' and as 'least important' in their clinical decision-making, relative to their conventional counterparts. The two physician groups were much more likely than their CAM counterparts to rank 'patient preference' as least important."
AHNA Researchers in Action
Some papers recently published by AHNA members: 
Anne Vitale. (May/June 2009). Nurses lived experience of reiki for self care. Holistic Nursing Practice, 23(3), 129-145.
A phenomelogical study of the experience of Reiki by nurses who use it for self care. The Colaizzi method of analysis is used for data analysis. A useful appendix for presenting the emergent themes is attached to the article and a CNE test is available at the end of the article. This study was presented at the AHNA 2009 conference as part of a research panel of paper presentations. View the abstract.

Carolyn Magdelen Monroe. (June 2009) The effects of therapeutic touch on pain. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 27(2), 85-92.|

A useful comprehensive review of studies from 1997-2007. Seven studies were found and only 5 were of enough merit to be reviewed. Four of those found statistically significant results in the positive direction and the technique caused no unwanted side effects. View the abstract.

Ruth McCaffery, Debra J. Thomas, & Ann Orth Kinzelman. (May/June 2009). The effects of lavender and rosemary essential oils on test-taking anxiety among graduate nursing students. Holistic Nursing Practice, 23(3), 88-93.

Both lavender and rosemary essential oils reduced test taking anxiety. Lavender however also was found to be too relaxing and decreased focus and recall. Rosemary in contrast cleared the mind and increased focus and concentration. This study was funded through a grant from Nature's Way and administered through AHNA. View the abstract.
Zahourek, Rothlyn. (May 2009). Healing: Through the lens of intentionality. International Journal of Healing and Caring, 9(2).
The study may be accessed on line from the IJHC on line at www.IJHC.org. A subscription is free to those who attended conference this year.
Understanding and studying healing is one of our challenges as healthcare providers. This study is a presentation of a secondary analysis of data collected to study intentionality in the context of healing. Six healers and six healees, five of each who participated as dyads, described their experiences and their concepts of healing. The theory, Intentionality: the Matrix for Healing (IMH), is presented, along with a more expanded definition of healing as an awareness of shift and a transformative process.
Mary Jo Kreitzer, Cynthia Gross, On-among Waleekhachonloet, Mary Ann Reilly-Sprobg, & Marcia Byrd. (March 2009). A brief serenity scale: A psychometric analysis of a measure of spirituality and well being. Journal of Holsitic Nursing, 27(1), 7-16.

We would love to hear about your research. Send your "Researcher in Action" to
News and Notes
Rorry Zahourek received the Award for Excellence in Nursing Research granted by the Massachusettes Association of Registered Nurses at their annual awards banquet.
Have you recently presented, started a new study, or are you looking for volunteers or collaborators? Share your news here. Send your "News and Notes" to
Join the Discussion
Do you have a question about creating a conference proposal? Are you looking for collaborators for your research project? Would you like to share your latest findings? Or are you willing to answer another member's question about research? Then visit the AHNA Discussion Forum and click on one of the three forums dedicated to holistic nursing research.
(Note: You will need to login with your AHNA member account to view this page. Click "My Login" at top left. If you haven't already created or activated a user name and password on our new Web site, please Click Here for instructions). 
For instructions on using the discussion forum click here
Upcoming Events
AHRQ's 2009 Annual Conference-Research to Reform: Achieving Health System Change 
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). September 13-16, 2009; North Bethesda Marriott, Bethesda, MD. 
This free conference will feature exciting opportunities to learn about AHRQ's latest research aimed at accelerating system-wide improvements in the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of care. Conference sessions will highlight leading experts involved in AHRQ-sponsored research and implementation projects. Click on the title to learn more.

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