2015 AHNA Elections 

The Board of Directors (BOD), the governing board for AHNA is the guiding hand of our association. For more than two decades, the BOD has convened to build a purposeful and committed organization dedicated to holistic nursing. Each BOD member makes a special contribution to the leadership, bringing their unique talents, experiences and passion for holistic nursing to the table.

AHNA will begin accepting applications April 1, 2015 and AHNA's 2015 Elections will take place in November. The following offices are available for nomination of qualified individuals for the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee of AHNA: 

  • 2 Board of Directors-at-large
  • 2 Nominating Committee Members

The term of office for each of these positions is two years starting June of 2016. For a full description of each position, please download the Nomination Handbook below. 

If you are interested in placing your name in nomination for one of the elected positions, please download, complete, and return the below document:

AHNA Nominations Handbook 2015

(includes conflict of interest disclosure)

Please thoroughly review the handbook. It includes a checklist of materials that you will need to gather and submit in order to complete your nomination (i.e.  resume/ biosketch/ CV, digital photo, conflict of interest disclosure, and position statement).  In addition to completing the Nomination Biographical Form and including the attachments, you will be requested to submit a letter of support from one AHNA member.  

Your nomination materials should be e-mailed to office@ahna.org


If you have questions about a position, please contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Sharon Weinstein.

The 2015 Nominating Committee Members:
Chair—Sharon Weinstein: sharon@smwgroupllc.com
Rosalyn Forbes: rosadjunct@msn.com
Cynthia Backer: cynthia.backer@gmail.com
Susan Dyess: sdyess@fau.edu


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