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Apply for Approval to Award CNE


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NEW ANCC 2015 Criteria –NEW AHNA Forms!

New Application Available 1/1/20.

Read January 2020 Update Letter from the EAC's Nurse Peer Review Leader     

Read Introduction Letter from the EAC’s Nurse Peer Review Leader



Benefits and Procedures

Benefits of AHNA Approval

  • Two Year Approval Period – Ongoing/repeated activities can be offered as often as desired during the two-year approval period.
  • Broad Exposure - All AHNA approved activities are included on the searchable Approved CNE Programs Directory; each listing includes contact information, total contact hours, and a brief description of the course
  • Value & Credibility for Clients and Consumer
    • Nurses trust activities approved under ANCC criteria to ensure quality education that adheres to evidenced based standards
    • Contact Hours recognized for RN licensure and re-licensure by *all state Boards of Nursing. (*California and Iowa have exceptions to online/home study courses and live courses held in their state.  Individual Educational Activity Applicants are responsible for the unique requirements of any state board of nursing in which they wish to offer CNE contact hours.)
  • Contact Hours Approved by AHNA can be used toward the AHNCC requirements for holistic nurse certification and re-certification. 
  • Contact Hours Approved by AHNA can be applied to ANCC Certification Requirements
  • Upon approval, you may use the AHNA Approval Statement in the marketing materials for your Individual Educational Activity. Note: This does NOT include the AHNA or ANCC logos

Application Procedure

  1. Download the 2015 ANCC criteria approval application documents.
  2. Always download new forms during the planning and/or renewal stage. Forms should not be used from previous submissions; as progressive changes will take place as expected with the science of nursing continuing education.
  3. Thoroughly read the Resource and Instruction Manual for Individual Educational Activity Applicants and all application materials before completing the application. Careful review of this resource manual will ensure that you have taken all preliminary steps required to apply.
  4. Complete the required application forms and all related documentation. Some forms are always required; some forms are only required if applicable.  Note that the Resource and Instruction Manual and application form are designed to help you identify what is required and what is not.
  5. Submit all documents as individual attachments via email to It is acceptable to send them in multiple emails if necessary.

What is next?

  1. You will receive email notification within 1 to 2 business days assigning a tracking number to your application review. If you do not get this, you should call to confirm your email was received.
  2. AHNA staff will perform a preliminary quantitative pre-review of the application materials to ensure that all documents were received and completed.  You will receive an email communication from the AHNA Education Assistant (email address within about 2 to 3 business days if additional items are needed or if there are require revisions before proceeding to Nurse Peer Review.
  3. Revisions will be reviewed for completion before being sent on for Nurse Peer Review.
  4. The Nurse Peer Review will be a qualitative review of the information submitted and is generally completed within 10 calendar days with a recommendation for approval, approval with revisions or denial.
  5. Revision requests from the Nurse Peer Review will be emailed from
  6. The Nurse Peer Review Lead will make a final decision on approval and an email notification will be sent from

AHNA Approval Application Forms and Resources

Required Resources

Additional Resources and Templates

Helpful Resources and Planning Tools*

* Denotes resources that are also included in the Resource and Instruction Manual.

Document Templates

These are provided so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. However, you may alter as needed or substitute your existing documents.


AHNA is accredited as an Approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

To find a list of current approved CNE activities go to the Approved Program Directory