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Research Committee

The Research Committee’s goals are to foster the growth of knowledge and expertise in individual holistic nurses and in the organization, and prepare holistic nurses to utilize and conduct holistic nursing research.
The Research Committee suggests guidelines and policies for the research grant award program; constructs the application process; awards grants to recipients and updates procedures as needed, solicits and reviews research abstracts for conference workshops and presentation; updates the survey of research activities of AHNA members; publishes research information in Beginnings and eNewsletter; provides support and mentorship as feasible to members regarding research endeavors; and articulates and supports the research focus and agenda for AHNA.


Research Consultation Services

The AHNA Research Committee offers a program for those nurses who want to conduct research or are working on a quality improvement project, but need some advice and guidance. If you are a new researcher who would like some assistance, the AHNA Research Consultation Program is for you. 

Consultations of one or three sessions can be purchased in the AHNA shop. Consultations are expected to be less than one hour, and will be most productive when the Consultation Request Form is thoughtfully completed. By briefly describing the background of your topic and the research or quality improvement questions, the program manager will be better able to match you with a consultant. After purchasing your consultation service, you will receive an email receipt that guides you in the process for your consultation.

Click here for additional information on the research consultation program.

Click here for the Research Consultation Request Form.

This program is managed by Jeanette Plodek, who can be contacted at

Consultations of one or three sessions can be purchased in the AHNA shop.



AHNA's White Paper on Holistic Research Guidlines

The AHNA 2015 research initiatives reflect the organization’s belief that ongoing discovery of knowledge, dissemination of research findings, and evidence-based practice are the foundation of specialized practice in holistic nursing. 

This white paper addresses AHNA’s position on Holistic Nursing Research (HNR) and the organization’s goals and strategies with respect to holistic nursing research. This will provide holistic nursing researchers with a platform on which to develop research.

Read the AHNA White Paper Here


Policy on AHNA Member Utilization for Research Purposes

AHNA is an association comprised of skilled nurses with various educational and experiential backgrounds. Thus AHNA offers a rich source of data for individuals who wish to learn more about this group of nurses. Additionally, the annual AHNA conference brings a large group of holistic nurses from diverse practice settings together in one place.  

In light of the high variety of members, the AHNA Research Committee has developed a policy on how these members' involvement in research may be solicited. View policy here.


Connections in Holistic Nursing Research eNewsletter

AHNA members are entitled to receive the quarterly Connections in Holistic Nursing Research eNewsletter

Connections provides a place to highlight research in holistic nursing and allow holistic nursing researchers a place to share their findings with AHNA members. 

Feel free to share the eNewsletters with your e-mail contacts, list-serves, or favorite discussion boards/ blogs. Please just be sure to mention that the e-newsletter is a benefit of AHNA membership.  

If you do NOT wish to receive this eNewsletter or wish to change any of your e-mail permissions, please contact us at

Past Research Grant Recipients

This award is supported by individual and group donations through AHNA’s Research Fund.

Recipients are encouraged to attend the National AHNA conference to receive their awards. Recipients are also encouraged to attend a subsequent conference to present their research findings, and are encouraged to publish the results of their work.

Click here to view the past Research Grant Recipients.

Research Grant Awards

AHNA offers a competitive research grant for $5000.

The Research Grant is available to current AHNA members who are conducting holistic nursing research and have been members of AHNA for at least one year. Eligibility includes doctoral students who wish to apply for funds to support their research.

Those receiving the AHNA research grant funds are required to submit a progress report on an annual basis with a final report at the conclusion of the study and maintain a current membership with AHNA. Recipients are encouraged to attend the annual national AHNA conference to receive their awards. Winners are also encouraged to attend a subsequent conference to present their research findings, and are encouraged to publish the results of their work.

This award is supported by individual and group donations through AHNA’s Research Fund.

Selection Process
Grants are competitive and awarded through the AHNA Special Recognition and Grant Awards Committee which includes at least one member of the Research Committee. 

All applications and proposals are reviewed by the Committee members and the AHNA Board of Directors.

AHNA Research Grant Application

Applicants for the Research Grant must submit a research proposal* (3-5 pages) that includes:

1. Cover letter including: Complete contact information for the applicant, member ID number (contact ID number) and expiration date, and biosketch.

2. The proposal organized according to the guidelines.

3. Budget: Grant proposal budgets should be appropriate for AHNA level of funding, i.e. moderate in scope, able to be completed in 1- 2.

4. Completion of the AHNA Awards Nomination/Application Form please click here.

5. Doctoral student applicants only: Please enclose a letter from your Dissertation Committee Chair stating that they have reviewed your application and approved its submission for this grant.

* Proposal must be properly formatted: Your application will be blinded for review. Your application must be in word format; do not send pdf files. Do not "track changes" in your document. Please use a plain header with page numbers only.

Please e-mail completed application to by February 15th of the year the grant is awarded.


Holistic Nursing Research Web Library

Welcome to AHNA's Holistic Nursing Research Web Library. Holistic Nursing research develops knowledge and assists in providing the evidence base needed to transform health care into holistic care. This requires dedication to creating and fostering resources that assist in creating, interpreting and conducting holistic research. 
We believe that all holistic nurses participate in research. Research activity can include posing questions, systematically collecting information to answer those questions, and implementing the results. 

We invite researchers and healthcare professionals to electronically submit manuscripts for consideration to Please include the citation in APA format, a URL to the abstract or full text article, a short abstract and suggested category or categories. Your abstract should total about 300 words and include: Purpose, Sample, Methods, Findings and Relevance to Holistic Nursing.

Free, electronic access to the Journal of Holistic Nursing (JHN) is just one of many benefits of AHNA membership. All JHN articles on this page are available in PDF for AHNA members- learn more about how to access the JHN articles here.

Research Term

The Research Enews team invites your research word!

We are currently seeking to build a glossary of research terminology that will serve the holistic nursing community. In each issue of Connections in Holistic Nursing Research, a new term will be featured and the glossary will be on the website as well.
If you have a research term you think would benefit AHNA members, and would like to be a guest contributor to our glossary, please contact with your recommendation.

Companion Animals
Critical Incident Technique
Data Collection
Effect Size
Ethical Principles
Four Levels of Measurement
Grounded Theory
Hawthorne Effect
Hybrid Model of Concept Analysis
Power Analysis
Quality Improvement-  Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research: What's the difference?
Theory of Compassion Energy
Theory of Integral Nursing
Threats to Internal & External Validity
Variables in Quantitative Research

Helpful Research Resources