Candidate for President-Elect 

Carole Ann Drick, RN, PhD, TNS, TNSCP
Founder/Director Conscious Awareness Inc.
Austintown, Ohio

Carole Ann Drick, RN, PhD, TNS, TNSCP is one of the early organizers and supporters of the holistic health focus in nursing as well as a known leader in holistic nursing.  Presently she is the Director of Conscious Awareness Inc. in Austintown, OH.  She has authored or co-authored 3 books and numerous professional publications as well as “The Spiritual Connection” a chapter in Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life. Her first End of Life book, Mother Stories: through our mothers’ death and dying (2007) recounted 16 true stories of women and the gifts they received being with their mothers at end of life. In 2008 she, along with Lynn Keegan and another co-author wrote American Holistic Nursing Association: Implementing Visions of Health and Healing, published by The American Holistic Nurses’ Association.  Her second End of Life book is End of Life: Nursing Solutions for Death with Dignity with an early release date for 2011.  She has 4 meditation CDs. Her international presentations have been numerous.

Carole Ann studied with the International Fellowship of Introspection for over 10 years receiving Teacher of Natural Science certification plus a Teacher of Natural Science Certifying Practitioner Certification of which there are only two in the world. She served the American Holistic Nurses’ Association as chair of the Education Approver Committee in the early 1980s and resumed the position in 2006. In 2010 she was elected to Leadership Council to establish the newly created Practice Committee. She has been on the graduate faculty of 2 large universities plus developed and implemented a new baccalaureate nursing program based on holistic principles and adult teaching learning strategies that received full initial NLN accreditation. She was on the American Holistic Nurses Association’s referred Journal board for many years.

Her consciousness bloomed in 1989 with her opening to non-dual wisdom.  Quietly answering this sacred call, she spent the next fifteen years gently traveling internationally, teaching and growing in understanding, integration and deepening present moment awareness.  Her continual question “Is it possible to live in this moment?” has a simple yet profound message.   

PhD, Indiana University, 1982
MSN, University of Pittsburgh, 1975
BSN, West Virginia University, 1967

Organizational Membership
American Holistic Nurses’ Association
Sigma Theta Tau

Her current focus is on assisting in the fundamental shift in consciousness beginning with inner peace and expanding to world peace. She views holistic health as a vital component of this shift, valuing and assisting both professionals and clients using many natural therapies and innovative stress coping methods.

Statement of Belief
Poised to take our place at the national health care table and defined by our Scope and Standards, our voice is strong and direction clear. Our roots in holism run deep supporting us through storms of growth, change and increasing recognition. We can no longer stay where we are talking to ourselves. It is time to shift into mainstream nursing. Nurses are hungry for what we have to offer. We are ready and can deliver. Being more powerful than we realize, it is time to move out of rhetoric and into action. Our influence expands as we express holism in our practice whether at the bed side or the executive office. My growing holistic experience within practice, education, administration and as author and consultant brings a transformational leadership style including developing other’s strengths. The last four years on Leadership Council adds a base of currency and readiness to move forward in our growth, recognition and influence. It is time to boldly initiate the future by increasing our responsiveness to members, value added offerings and creating subsequent membership growth. I welcome the opportunity to holistically move AHNA through this time of restructuring and moving into an incredibly powerful influential future.  

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