Candidate for Nominating Committee

Karilee Halo Shames PhD, RN, MSN, AHN-BC
Clinical Nurse
Preventative Medicine Center of Marin
Sebastopol, California

Karilee Halo Shames RN, MSN, PhD, AHN-BC, earned a Bachelor’s in Sociology (cum laude), a Bachelor’s in Nursing, and her Masters from the University of Maryland, and she earned her PhD from Columbia Pacific University. Currently, Karilee works as a clinical nurse at the Preventive Medicine Center of Marin as well as in a private practice with her husband where they practice therapeutic/healing modalities. Karilee has been certified as an emergency community responder (CERT) and as a Healing Touch instructor and practitioner. She has been a certified holistic nurse since 1995 and as an advanced holistic nurse since 2004. She has been a longstanding member of AHNA and was the creator and project director for the AHNA professional video. She served as a member of the AHNA Board of Directors-at-Large from 1994-1999 and several other boards including the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences. Karilee was also the keynote speaker at the AHNA annual conference in 1990 and has been a presenter at the conference several times. She has been an Educational Director for EcoNugenics Inc., Creator/Director of the Holistic B.A. Program for Nurses at Wholistic Health and Nutrition Institute (giving RNs their first opportunity to earn a BA in Holistic Studies), and has held faculty positions at the Florida Atlantic University College of Nursing. She also worked as program director at the Rock Creek Foundation for Mental Health. Karilee is a founder of Nurse Empowerment Workshops and Services and a co-founder of Nurses in Transition Support Network. She is highly involved in her community, serving as the president for FHOA, providing weekly therapy sessions at the Women’s Safe House, and serving as the president for PTSO at the Academy Charter School. Karilee is highly published with several books and chapters, articles, and columns. She is also an accomplished speaker, giving presentations all over the U.S. including as a co-keynote speaker at the National Conference of Compounding Pharmaceutical Centers of America in 2002, as well as in Europe when she was invited to be a speaker at the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Conference for Physicians in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

BA Sociology, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland (Cum Laude)
BSN, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
MS: Psychiatric Nursing, University of Maryland, Baltimore Maryland
PhD in Holistic Health Studies, Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, California 

Organizational Membership
Project Censored 

Position Statement
Times of upheaval require strong leadership.

I bring a seasoned and open mind, the long view, and a renewed desire to contribute. Before joining AHNA decades ago, I co-founded "Nurses in Transition", was CA Coordinator at AHNA, and then one of the Directors at Large.  I took on the job of helping to produce AHNA's promotional video, a one-year project I saw to completion.

Amongst the first 19 Certified Holistic Nurses, I co-produced SW Regional Conferences, & taught Holistic Nursing at FAU. I was an item writer for the first Holistic Nursing Certification examination, published several lead articles in Beginningsand wrote the original "Touch" chapter in the Holistic Nursing Handbook & Core Curriculum.  

Recently, I’ve co-authored holistic thyroid books, and created an anthology of women mentors, including AHNA nursing leaders. I dance to rejuvenate, and am just completing a three year term as President of my FHOA. 

I would consider it an honor to be involved in AHNA leadership again, entering a new era.


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