Network/Membership Coordinator 

Network/Membership Coordinator
The Network/Membership Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all network/member activities of the organization.  The Network/Membership Coordinator is an elected position to the Leadership Council.
Role Responsibilities:
  • Leadership Council/General Position Responsibilities:
    • Attends Leadership Council Meetings.
    • Attends National Conference.
    • Assists with National Conference as needed.
    • Writes Leadership Council Reports.
    • Performs Special Assignments.
    • Writes articles for Beginnings as requested.
    • Collaborates with other Leadership Council members regarding all activities.
    • Mentors newly elected Leadership Council replacement during a transition phase at conclusion of term of service.
  • Network/Local Council Activities:
    • Contacts new networkers within two (2) weeks of receiving notification from the Membership Administrator.
    • Reviews letters, forms, packets, handbooks, and systems at least once a year.
    • Revises the above as needed.
    • Provides information and guidance to network leaders.
      1.   Reviews Networker leader reports annually.
      2.   Compiles data from the networkers’ reports.
      3.   Responds to all communications from Networker leaders, members, and the Membership Administrator within two (2) weeks.
      4.   Establishes policy and procedure for activities in collaboration with the          Membership Administrator.
      5.   Forwards a letter of information, appreciation, and encouragement for the quarterly mail out to Networker leaders to the Membership Administrator by the date requested.
      6.   Confers with the Membership Administrator at least every  two (2) weeks.
  • Membership Activities:
    • Assists with the development of membership recruitment and retention materials.
    • Collaborates with the Membership Administrator regarding contacts with potential, new, and lapsed members.
      • Reviews letters, forms, packets, and systems at least once a year.
      • Revises above as needed.
      • Reviews Networker reports annually.
      • Oversees task forces as assigned by the President.


2008 Candidate for Network/Membership Coordinator
Cindy Bultena RN, MS
Marie A. Fasano RN, MN, MA


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