Volunteer Opportunities with AHNA

We need you. There are many ways members can help AHNA grow and thrive.

Spread the Word
Tell someone about AHNA or hand out brochures to colleagues. (Contact office@ahna.org to request brochures.) Or mention AHNA or our annual conference on your social media page or blog. You can also help by forwarding our press releases to local media outlets.

Local Chapters
Find out if your local chapter needs help. To find a local chapter near you, click here.
If there isn't a local chapter in your area, consider becoming a local chapter leader. If you are interested in becoming a chapter leader, contact 
membership@ahna.org and learn more.
Contribute to our publications and web site
We want your knowledge and expertise. Contribute to the member magazine Beginnings, our peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Holistic Nursing, one of our specialty eNewsletters or our website. Beginnings submission guidelines and themes can be found by clicking here. JHN submission guidelines are available here.
If you would like to write for Connections in Holistic Nursing Research eNewsletter or the website, please director@ahna.org. For the web site we welcome research articles, a day in the life of a holistic nurse (you), and stress management articles. If you would like to discuss other ideas, please contact director@ahna.org. All submissions are subject to review.

Become a resource member
Would you be willing to be a mentor, answer questions about your area of expertise or share your knowledge in other ways? The AHNA is compiling a list of members who are willing to volunteer on topics of interest and/or expertise when specific health-related questions come up from other prospective or current members. For example, we're looking for names of members who might be dieticians or experts in nutrition, or who specialize in babies or teens. If you would like to be a resource for the AHNA, please e-mail your interest, availability and areas of expertise to office@ahna.org. Thank you in advance for making yourself available as a resource to others who are looking for information about holistic nursing.

Be a peer-reviewer
Our education department always welcomes members who'd like to volunteer as peer-reviewers on the Education Approver Committee (EAC). Peer-reviewers assess CNE applications for adherence to ANCC Accreditation Program criteria and approval to offer contact hours.

Qualified nurse peer-reviewers are AHNA members with an unrestricted RN license, expertise in educational design and at least a baccalaureate degree in nursing. A mentor-based orientation is provided. Must love volunteering, laughing, conference calls and e-mail communication. For more information, contact approval@ahna.org or (800) 278-2462 Ext. 21.

Become a research mentor
In order to foster and support research within AHNA, research mentoring is available.  Mentoring is a way for beginners and advanced researchers  to discuss ideas, refine methodologies, and gather recourses to assist with the research endeavor.  The research committee at AHNA has held one-on-one mentoring sessions at the last four yearly conferences with great success. Mentors are volunteers who wish to give some time to mentoring another researcher or someone who is relatively new to the idea of holistic research.  If you would like to be a research mentor or if you would like research mentoring by one of our volunteers please contact research@ahna.org. Please include in your email your area of interest or expertise, the type of research you are most comfortable with and the best time and way to contact you.


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