Integrative Health Care

Nurses are leading the way for complementary and alternative therapies

Over the last two decades the growth of integrated health care facilities has been staggering. From the early behavioral medicine and health psychology days to the present, when, according to the National Institute of Health's National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, approximately 36% of adults are using some form of Complementary or Alternative Medicine, CAM therapies have become more and more main stream. (

When Americans were asked why they would use Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 55% of the respondents stated that they believed their health would be improved if conventional medical treatments were combined with CAM.  

AHNA is pleased to provide you with the stories of five innovative nurses who are working in integrative programs and practices in acute care, home health, and education. Please click on the links below to read about their settings and how they are involved in innovatively integrating Western health methods with Complementary and Alternative practices. If your hospital or clinic is involved in integrated healthcare, we would be delighted to hear what you are doing.

Member Stories from Integrated Healthcare Programs and Centers:

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 Many thanks to AHNA member Karen C. Sandars MSN, RN, who volunteered her time to interview each of these nurses and write the above summary abstracts.


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