Brigham-Young University College of Nursing

Glenda Christiaens, MS, RN, AHN-BC, Assistant Teaching Professor of Nursing at Brigham-Young University College of Nursing, Provo, Utah.
Office phone: (801) 422-7305.

Glenda teaches community health nursing and integrates holistic principles into the nursing curriculum. She is known as the holistic "go-to nurse" for the faculty. In community health nursing, nursing students attend one, four hour, clinical day where they are instructed on the principles of guided imagery, meditation, music, and relaxation. She teaches her students visualization, positive affirmations, and how important it is to connect with others. She asks the students to choose an Integrative Healing modality in which they are most interested and then teach this modality to a friend or a neighbor. The students absolutely love this class and often state that"this was my best day of nursing school."

This class has a strong emphasis on relaxation. In their last semester, Glenda teaches"Holistic Test-Taking skills" so that students can use these skills when taking the NCLEX exam. She teaches students relaxation techniques that facilitate the release of alpha brain waves and how these brain waves facilitate the accession of memory and facts. Beta waves decrease recall especially during stress. She asks her students to recount their thoughts about the upcoming NCLEX exam. If there are negative thoughts, she reviews with them the importance of positive affirmations to replace or cancel the negative thoughts. When she goes to graduation, faculty and students line up and at least 10 students say "that was the most helpful thing during school."



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