Integrated Health Department at Clifton Springs Hospital

Charlotte Wytias, RN, MS, FNP, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki Practitioner, Program Manager for the Integrated Health Department, Clifton Springs Hospital, Clifton Springs, New York, 14432.
Work: (315) 462-0396
Charlotte moved to New York in 1998 and took the position of Program Manager for Integrative Medicine at Clifton Springs Hospital, which is twenty minutes southeast of Rochester.  

Founded in 1850, Clifton Springs Hospital is the oldest hospital in Western New York.  It was founded by Henry Foster, MD, who started the institution as a water cure hospital. Dr. Foster was also trained in homeopathy and hydrotherapy. He was very aware that the mind has a tremendous effect on the body and that spiritual care was integral to good medicine. For many years, this hospital was known for its mineral baths, located on the property, and for its addiction and mental health services. 

At the Springs, Charlotte has launched a variety of complimentary and alternative therapies, both in outpatient and inpatient settings. These therapies are available to the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center, Regional Diabetes Center, inpatient addictions, and to the Springs nursing home residents.

Currently available therapies include acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, Reiki, hypnotherapy, craniosacral services, holistic nursing, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and balneotherapy—use of mineral waters for healing. The services of a Naturopathic Doctor, trained in Chinese Medicine, are also available.  

Charlotte is the Finger Lakes Region Networker for the American Holistic Nurses Association and is coordinating the certification course in Holistic Nursing at Clifton Springs Hospital in the Fall of 2007. 




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