Nightingale Declaration Campaign & the 2010 International Year of the Nurse

The Nightingale Initiative for Global Health

AHNA is proud to support the Nightingale Declaration Campaign and the 2010 International Year of the Nurse. These grassroots, nurse-inspired initiatives were developed by NIGH (Nightingale Initiative for Global Health). NIGH is co-directed/ founded by AHNA members and holistic nurses, Deva-Marie Beck, PhD, RN and Barbara M. Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN. Other AHNA members on the NIGH Board of Directors, include: Elanor Kibrick, MSc, NIGH Director, Program Development,  and Wayne Kines, DTM, NIGH Director, Global Communications.

NIGH, is a grassroots, nurse-inspired movement to increase global public awareness about the priority of health and to empower nurses and concerned citizens to work for a healthy world everywhere. According to NIGH’s research, there is still a poor awareness of the critical role played by nurses in society. If individual nurses can come together worldwide, with citizens who are also concerned about health, this effort could become a powerful force for the health of humanity. NIGH celebrates the legacy of Florence Nightingale who was an articulate public communicator, community and social activist, environmentalist and ardent advocate for human rights and worldwide social reform. She influenced local, national and international leaders and fought to keep the issues related to health in the public eye. She called all of this “nursing”.

At the core of NIGH’s Initiative is the Nightingale Declaration Campaign, which is a program of the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH). This campaign has been created by NIGH to achieve the following key goals:

  1. To build a grassroots movement among nurses, health care workers, educators and other global citizens from every country and community, who will work together to inform, educate and mobilize public opinion throughout the world towards the adoption of health as the universal priority of the United Nations and its Member States;
  2. To use communications, media and promotional tools for advocacy of these ends;
  3. To identify, share and actively encourage approaches that work to create a healthy world;
  4. To contribute positive solutions to the worldwide nursing shortage.

Among the many strategies used to accomplish the stated goals, NIGH has worked to:

  1. Gather at least 2 million electronic signatures of concerned citizens from all 192 member states of the United Nations (join the Nightingale Declaration Signature Campaign at;
  2. Submit the signatures in support of the global recognition of the 2010 International Year of the Nurse (Centennial of Florence Nightingale) by the United Nations and all UN Member States. The 2010 IYNurse is planned as a sustained public awareness initiative to actively involve the world’s nurses in a celebration of commitment to bring health to their communities worldwide. The website includes a media toolkit, ideas for getting involved globally and in your community, an event calendar, and an opportunity to submit your own story and suggestions for activities to help other nurses get involved: 
  3. Throughout 2010 IYNurse, in a worldwide collaboration, nurses will actively advocate for achieving the eight UN Millennium Development Goals and world health, (see eight goals,;
  4. Act as a catalyst for adoption of a proposed UN Resolution for a Healthy World--2011 to 2020 —- the Bicentennial of Nightingale's birth. Read suggested resolution.

How can you get involved?

Sign the Nightingale Declaration for a Healthy World

Submit your story to 2010 

Plan a 2010 IYNurse Celebration

Find a 2010 IYNurse Event Near You 

Written by Rebecca Cohen, RN, EdD, HN-BC; AHNA eNews Editor


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