Holistic Nurses: Creating the Future in Direct Patient Care

Nurses from throughout Texas gathered in Waco for the 2nd Annual Texas Holistic Nursing ‘CAN’ Conference (Complementary and Alternative Nursing) September 15, 2012 to “Create the future in direct patient care”.

Keynote addresses by AHNA members Margaret Erickson, RN, PhD, AHNCC—American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation, and Carole Anne Drick, PhD RN, AHNA Leadership Council. Practice Coordinator lead the morning and afternoon sessions.  Dr. Erickson assisted us in engaging in holistic nursing at the bedside by challenging us to be aware in the moment of the patient’s humanity, creating a sacred space in which to work, setting intention, and being present with unconditional acceptance to work together on mutual goals of the client and caregiver.

Dr. Drick guided us as we set the foundation exceptional care by bringing attention to how we can best care for ourselves through being present, staying hydrated and nourished, utilizing deep breathing in our daily practice before we even enter a patient’s room, and being alert and aware in the moment for cues as how to best care for that client.

A breath of fresh air from the medical community was presented by Barry Morguelan, MD, Director of the Morguelan Energy Institute, a practicing internist/gastroenterologist and former faculty member at UCLA, and a holistic practitioner of both eastern and western medicine. His topic, “Recognizing the Elixir of Excellent Patient Care: Nurse-Physician Relationships” energized us to open to incredible insights into the valuable role that nurse-physician relationships play in creating the best working/healing relationships with our clients.

Central Texas Chapter, AHNA and Providence Health Center, Waco sponsored the conference.  Several grassroots nursing associations provided additional support as media sponsors, including two districts of the Texas Nurses Association, two local nurse practitioner associations, Sigma Theta Tau nursing honor society, and NOVA of the Central Texas Veterans Health Services.

For information on next year’s conference please contact Lyn McCright, Chapter Leader, Central Texas Chapter at understandinghealth@yahoo.com.

Lyn McCright
, RN, MPH, AHN-BC, is director of Lyn McCright Consulting in Waco, Texas.  Her primary interests include holistic nursing and health promotion.  Her clinical experience spans nursing education, and nursing practice in hospital, community health, home health, and independent practice settings.


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