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General Purpose of all AHNA Awards is to recognize and celebrate nurses dedicated to a practice of holistic nursing consistent with the beliefs and values held by holistic nurses.

Charlotte McGuire Education Scholarship Program - Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Students Award
Is to recognize and celebrate nurses in an undergraduate or graduate academic setting dedicated to a practice of holistic nursing.  Completed applications must be returned by  April 15 of the year for which the scholarship is awarded.

Learn how the CM Scholarship has helped others.  Click here for Member stories on how receiving the AHNA Scholarship has helped them.

Research Grants
Research Grants are available to AHNA members who are conducting holistic nursing research and have been members of AHNA for at least one year.  Application deadline each year is February 15.   

Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship for Students Award
In order to ensure that Bea Alley's legacy lives on at conference each year, AHNA has established the Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship for Students Award. This scholarship award is to help rpovide registration for an AHNA student member to attend the AHNA Annual Conference in a time of financial need.  It is special for them to join us in the many important opportunities for education, community, self-care and celebration that this event provides. Recipients are responsible for travel. Application deadline is February 15.

Holistic Nursing Rising Star Award
Is a new award available starting 2014.  This award was established to recognize and celebrate novice nurses dedicated to a path of holistic nursing who have implemented creative holistic practices and exemplify holism in their personal and professional life. Application deadline is April 15.

Holistic Nurse of the Year Award
The Holistic Nurse of the Year (HNY) award is presented annually to recognize outstanding current innovation and/or change in the field of holistic nursing.  Any registered nurse who is an active member of the AHNA is eligible to be nominated for the award.  Application deadline each year is April 15.   

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Excellence in Holistic Nursing Education Award
AHNA offers this award for schools, programs and departments of nursing that offer a degree in nursing and demonstrate a strong commitment to holistic nursing. Applications are due April 15.

Lifetime Achievement Award
This is a new award in 2014 and is to recognize outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of holistic nursing and to say think you.  Members who have been in the association for a minimum of five (5) years and are active are eligible for this award.  Application deadline is April 15.

AHNA Service Award
Is a new award in 2014 and is to recognize and thank AHNA members who consistently contribute their expertise and time to advance AHNA to its highest potential.  This award is available to active members with current volunteer contributions to AHNA.  Application deadline is April 15.

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