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General Purpose of all AHNA Awards is to recognize and celebrate nurses dedicated to a practice of holistic nursing consistent with the beliefs and values held by holistic nurses.

Charlotte McGuire Education Scholarship Program - Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Students Award
These awards are a monetary scholarship to nurse members who are pursuing their nursing education. AHNA members enrolled in nursing programs at any level (ADN, BSN, MSN, PhD/DNS) or graduate programs that enhance the practice of holistic nursing may apply. Deadline is April 15.

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Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship for Students Award
This award is intended to keep Bea’s memory alive and allow a student to take part in the many wonderful opportunities at conference to learn and expand their holistic education. Bea Alley was an early leader in holistic nursing and an eagerly anticipated presence at every conference.  Deadline is February 15.

Holistic Nursing Rising Star Award
This award, established in 2014, is intended to recognize fresh new nurses who have dedicated themselves to a holistic path who have applied creative holistic practices and epitomize holism in their personal and professional lives. 

Deadline is April 15.

Research Grant Award
This award is a competitive research grant for up to $5000, for AHNA members conducting holistic nursing research that demonstrates advancing holistic nursing practices. Deadline is February 15.

Holistic Nurse of the Year Award
This award is to recognize AHNA members with outstanding innovation and/or a change in the field of holistic nursing. This award highlights nurses who have been working in holistic nursing for several years and have demonstrated a commitment towards the Holistic Nursing’s core values. Deadline is April 15. 

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Lifetime Achiev​ement Award
This is award is to celebrate the outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of holistic nursing. It is a way of saying Thank You for all the holistic nursing work accomplished through sustained participation in AHNA and advancing the specialty practice of holistic nursing. Deadline is April 15.

Excellence in Holistic Nursing Education Award
This award is intended to reward and recognize schools, programs, and departments of nursing that offer a degree in nursing that exhibit an exceptional, substantive and innovative curriculum in holistic nursing education. These schools have incorporated the philosophy and core values of holism into their entire curriculum/course with innovative curriculum design, teaching, and evaluation methods, and encourage the highest standards of holistic nursing education. Deadline is April 15.

AHNA Service Award
This award, established in 2014, recognizes and thanks AHNA member(s) who consistently contribute their experience and time to advance AHNA to its highest potential. The winner of this award is committed to holistic nursing and its philosophy, and particularly AHNA’s mission and goals. 

Deadline is April 15.

Practice Grant: Implementing Institutional Self-Care Activities Award
New in 2015, this grant award provides financial support to initiate and integrate a self-care program into an institution. The intent is to help institutions promote and encourage diverse models of holistic nursing activities focused on self-care, designed to provide nurses an opportunity to practice holistic nursing and extending their self-care influence and practices to other nurses and/or patients and families. Deadline is February 15.

Institutional Excellence in Holistic Nursing Practice Award
New in 2015, this award recognizes and rewards an institution’s incorporation of holistic nursing practices demonstrating the core values of holistic nursing and outstanding professionalism. The institution selected will have implemented innovative holistic approaches that will offer substantive advantages to patients, staff and the institution itself. Deadline is February 15.

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