Articles about Stress ran an article about reducing stress in nursing in which AHNA member, Lucia Thornton, was interviewed. The copyright of the following article is held by AMN Healthcare

The Keys to Stress-less Nursing

The Feb/March 2010 issue of NSNA’s Imprint magazine, features two helpful articles by AHNA members on how nurses can manage stress and take care of themselves:

Stress: The Heart of the Matter  - by Kathleen Bartholomew

Self-Care: Your Tool for Empowerment  - by Lucia Thornton RN, MSN, AHN-BC
(Copyright of the above material belongs to NSNA)

Letting Go
Copyright of the following material belongs to Toni Gilbert RN, MA, HNC

Spirituality is a stress buster. For me, spirituality is a connectedness to others and nature, acknowledging the power and principles of the Universe as well as honoring the images, thoughts and feelings that are deep within me. What comprises spirituality is different for all of us. Some go to church every Sunday. Others haven’t been in a church for years and yet “worship” daily through their appreciation of everyday life. More..

Holistic Use of Creative Imagery
Copyright of the following material (introductory article and creative imagery exercise) belongs to Nancy Frank RN, BSN, HSMI

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Introduction:  Research into Psychoneuroimmunology has shown support for the use of positive images to improve a patient’s immune system/response.  Psychologists have found that individuals who hold a positive image or thought in mind during periods of duress/distress, such as seen in the WWII internment camps, had a better survival rate and greater ability to return to their former lives once released. More...

Quick Relaxation Techniques for Busy People
Copyright of the following material belongs to Vesna Gvozdenovic RN HNC, CEO nonprofit organization “Holistic Perspectives”

If you ever heard yourself saying that you “don’t have time to relax”, these quick relaxation techniques are ideal for you. You can time them from 2-3 minutes during your peak business hours to 10-15 minutes in the evening, before you go to sleep. It is easy to use these techniques when you are talking on the phone, driving to and back from work, washing dishes or walking the dog. All it takes is realization that it is possible to quickly turn your stress into “feeling good”condition of your body, mind and spirit. More...

Stress Management at Your Fingertips: Thought Field Therapy®, A Simple and Effective Way to Combat Stress
Copyright of the following material belongs to Lois Sugarman RN, PhD, FT, RCT, TFT-Adv

Stress almost seems to be a constant state of being for many of us these days. Multiple studies in multiple disciplines support the notion that stress is, indeed, a major player in our lives, including a role in many illnesses. Stress comes in multiple forms, all of which is delivered by the experience of negative emotions and/or physical responses. Negative emotions include anger, fear, anxiety, grief, frustration, depression, rage, obsession, to name a few, saying nothing of possible physical manifestations. More...

Coping with Stress Holistically
by Lucia Thornton RN, MSN, AHN-BC

Holistic nursing views everything as insepperable and interrelated-our mental, emotional, physical and social/relational aspects are all intertwined and interconnected. What affects one aspect will influence all other aspects. More...


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