Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool in transforming negative self talk into motivational and affirming self talk. Here are some affirmations you can use that are designed to reduce stress, increase feelings of personal power, and awaken your mind to possibilities for change, helping you live the life you feel you were meant to live.

Challenges Help Me Grow
I Can See Stressful Situations As Challenges
Challenges Bring Opportunities
I Can Choose A Positive Frame Of Mind
Today Has Limitless Possibilities
I Can Find Balance In My Life
I Can Find Love And Support
I Can Accomplish Anything
I Can Handle Whatever Comes
I Can Create Inner Peace
My Intention Is For Peace
I Am Strong
Peace Is Power
This Too Shall Pass
My Intentions Create My Reality
Stress Is Leaving My Body
Today I Choose Joy
I Can Make Healthy Choices
I Am Doing My Best
I Breathe In Peace
Today My Intention Is For Peace
I Am In Charge of My Life
I Have Many Options
I Can Create Positive Change
I Am Wise
My Happiness Comes From Within
I Can Start Healthy Habits
Each Moment Brings Choice
I Can Stay Calm Under Pressure
I Choose Happiness
I Choose Healthy Relationships
I Can Find My Happy Place

Please Note
A very small proportion of people, when they first attempt to enter a state of deep relaxation, have a paradoxical reaction and feel extremely uneasy and anxious, and may have increased respiration and racing thoughts. If this happens to you, be assured that this is not abnormal! If the more “quiet” forms of relaxation leave you feeling anxious, begin your relaxation training with progressive muscle relaxation. 




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