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A Holistic Nurse is a legally licensed nurse who takes a holistic (mind-body-spirit-emotion) approach to the practice of traditional nursing.  Holistic nursing is based on a body of knowledge, evidence-based research, sophisticated skill sets, defined standards of practice, and a philosophy of living and being that is grounded in caring, relationship, and interconnectedness. 

While holistic nursing practice is not dependent on using any specific modalities, often these tools have fewer adverse effects and little or zero interactions with other medical treatments so they are easily incorporated into nursing care.  What is most important to a holistic practice is that it draws on knowledge, theories, expertise, and intuition to guide nurses in becoming therapeutic partners with clients in a mutually evolving process towards healing and holism.

How to Develop Your Holistic Practice

Wise Words from AHNA Members

Implementing Holisim Video Resources

Meditative Art Therapy


Meditative Art