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“It’s an exciting time to be with AHNA!  We are transforming healthcare as we know it, and AHNA Networks are on the front lines.  They are our voice in communities across the country.”  
— Cindy Bultena, Past Leadership Council Network Coordinator

More than 130 AHNA Chapters have been organized across the country to support the work of AHNA and holistic nursing. Chapters have been developed for educational purposes, to participate in community service, to reach new members, and/or for rest & restoration. Self-care and renewal are a crucial part of a holistic life, and are appropriate themes for Chapter meetings. The basis and structure of each Chapter, and the content and form of meetings are determined by the needs and interests of group members.

Every Chapter operates independently and interdependently as it supports and manifests AHNA’s vision in all its activities.  Chapters also provide an avenue for membership development and contribute to the growth of AHNA. 

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AHNA Chapter Leaders are a part of a co-creative process in developing a local chapter. Chapter Leaders must be current members of the AHNA, support its mission and vision and be willing to commit to a minimum 2-year term of volunteer service.  Learn more about becoming a Chapter Leader – and the benefits you’ll receive!

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Local Chapter
Local chapters share holistic nursing through presentations, meetings, and community service

Special Interest Chapter
These chapters meet around a common interest, such as cultural diversity, homeopathy, or integrative healthcare

Web Forum Chapter
Some chapters meet on-line, and communicate via a list-serve. 

Student/Faculty Chapter
These chapters are anchored within an academic institution, and can either be developed as an official student organization or for informal group gatherings. 

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  "Holistic nursing to me means being completely aware of other individuals and one's own whole being - all physical, emotional and mental modalities."  -- AHNA member Jan Svoboda RN, BS, HNC 


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