NSO—Nurses Service Organization

Nurses Professional Liability Insurance

The AHNA is proud to have partnered with Nurses Service Organization to provide nurses with comprehensive, affordable professional liability insurance.

AHNA members can receive professional liability insurance for employed and self-employed nurses, and many members now have insurance through NSO. Visit www.nso.com to sign up for NSO insurance.

About the NSO
Nurses Service Organization (NSO) is the nation's largest provider of nurses professional liability insurance coverage, with over 650,000 nursing professionals insured in the program today.

NSO makes insurance products available to the nursing community solely through direct response advertising. Research enables NSO to continue to provide quality products and services at competitive rates, as well as to determine other products that this audience requires.

Professional Liability Insurance

Nurses- Inadequate employer-provided coverage can leave unexpected expenses for you to pay. If you are named in a malpractice lawsuit and your legal costs and settlement or judgment exceed your employer's coverage limits, you may need to make up the difference.

Student Nurses- As you move through nursing school, your first year of nursing, and throughout your career, your NSO coverage stays with you. Coverage increases as you take on full nursing duties and protects you 24/7. You're protected now at school, later at work, and even for off-duty emergencies.

Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Practitioner Students- As a nurse practitioner, you are at the top of your profession. You've dedicated time, money - and a lot of yourself - to achieve your success. Don't let a lawsuit jeopardize all you've worked so hard to accomplish.

Legal Nurse Consultant- The Legal Nurse Consultant coverage offered through NSO includes the Consulting Services Liability endorsement, which covers you for the additional risks of using your medical skills and knowledge in settings that do not involve direct patient care.

Corporate Coverage- Protect your practice, your staff and yourself with the coverage available through Nurses Service Organization (NSO). NSO provides you with comprehensive coverage, superior service and low rates that will save you money. You've worked hard to build your business - let NSO be there to protect your hard work. You deserve the peace of mind.

Coverage for Schools- Educating healthcare professionals in an environment of increasing managed care and cost containment exposes your school to a growing risk of allegations of malpractice. NSO can provide your school with the coverage it needs to ensure a healthy future in the face of potential lawsuits.





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