Stress Management for
Nursing Students

Nursing Students Are at Greater Risk

Students face many challenges and stressors.  However, as a “nursing” student you are likely to experience even “more stress” than your friends and colleagues enrolled in other programs.  A study comparing the stress levels of various professional students found that nursing students experience higher levels of stress than medical, social work and pharmacy students.(Beck, et al.,1997) Even more poignant, another study  showed that “one third” of nursing students experience stress severe enough to induce mental health problems such as anxiety and/or depression. (Pryjmachuk, 2004)

In addition to contending with exams, grades, long hours of studying, work, family and other personal commitments you are also faced with the challenges of clinical practice. Clinical practice has been identified as one of the most anxiety producing components in nursing programs. Lack of experience, fear of making mistakes, difficult patients,  discomfort at being evaluated by faculty members, worrying about giving patients the wrong information or medication  and concern about possibly harming a patient are just a few of the stressors for the beginning student nurse. (Sharif & Masoumi, 2005).

Incorporating practices that can reduce some of the stress associated with all of these challenges is important, useful and essential to your well being. Stress management and self-care

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Stress Reduction


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practices will help you navigate through nursing school and will also provide a wonderful foundation for creating a balanced and wholesome life. Now is the time to establish healthy habits of self-care that will serve you for a life time! 

Stress Management for Life

The foundation for a stress management program is incorporating healthy habits into your daily life. Remember to set limits and boundaries. It is easy to fall back into unhealthy habits, especially when school and life conditions become very stressful. If this happens, simply notice this, and without judging yourself, return to the practice of caring well for yourself. Establish a support mechanism or group that regularly reinforces healthy habits of self-care.

Establishing healthy patterns of responding to stress and incorporating self-care practices into your daily regimen will benefit you throughout your entire life. 

Stress Management Techniques for Students

Centering Exercises for Nursing Students and Faculty 



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