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AHNA Global Healing Traditions: Amazon 2023

Trip Dates: Leave USA Saturday, March 11th, to arrive in Iquitos, Peru, Sunday, March 12, 2023.
Leave Iquitos, Peru, Saturday, March 18th, arriving back to USA Sunday, March 19, 2023.


Trip Itinerary

First night in Iquitos, Peru participants will stay at the Victoria Regina Hotel, then travel by river to Heliconia Resort Lodge in the jungle for, 4 nights and 5 days. Final night of the trip will be lodged in Iquitos to prepare for flights home. Trip Price includes all lodging, travel on-site and meals. Travel to and from Iquitos Peru is not included and needs to be arranged separately. All-inclusive of food and non-alcoholic beverages, buffet style meals.

COVID Travel Requirements

Due to parts of the trip being where there are individuals highly susceptible to contagious diseases and limited (or no) access to western medicine, we will maintain the AHNA policy of requiring all travelers to follow the below criteria to attend the 2023 Amazon Peru trip:
  1. Demonstrate proof of being COVID-19 fully vaccinated per CDC Guidelines.
  2. Demonstrate a negative PCR COVID test taken within 48 hours prior to boarding the plane to Iquitos, Peru.
  3. Bring at least two rapid COVID tests with you to test while on the trip if you begin to show any symptoms that might be related to COVID.
  • We recognize that this is a disappointment for some of our members who are unable to be vaccinated for COVID at this time. We appreciate that frustration, but want to remind everyone that this trip has been going on for over 20 years and will continue to run for years into the future. There will be another time for everyone to be able to go on this wonderful trip in the future.


Course Focus

In this Nursing Continuing Professional Development course, participants will experientially learn about Amazonian healing paradigms and indigenous healing arts within the jungle of Peru, and how they compare and contrast with our modern medicine. Participants will explore the role of medicinal plants and spirituality in healing. Pre-trip reading and preparation will facilitate course outcomes.

The focus of this experiential course is to understand:
  • the interrelatedness of the  rainforest flora and fauna, the health of earth that supports them and the connections to the health of humans.
  • introductory knowledge on the use of rainforest medicinal plants by local Peruvian peoples, the science known about the plants active properties, and the ubiquitous spirit that is behind all that heals. This content will be introduced by the course facilitator and local cultural guides.
  • the opportunity to re-spirit healthcare in the deep understanding of the importance of ecological medicine by connecting with local jungle healers and learning how their intimate relationship with the healing spirits of nature and their knowledge of the medicinal plants positively impact body, mind and spiritual health.
 Experiential learning to include:
  • Limpia ceremony upon arrival to the Jungle lodge
  • Forest bathing in the form of jungle medicinal plant walks under the guidance of local guides.
  • Daily excursions on the Amazon River and jungle hikes to view local flora and fauna.
  • Rainforest village visit to immerse in local culture and support local artisans and rural communities. 
  • Tour of local Amazon Clinic, hosted by Dr. Linnea Smith, MD
  • Fishing opportunity for those interested. 
  • Daily Self Care opportunities to renew, reflect and restore personal health and well-being.
  • Closing Copal ceremony, under the guidance of course leaders.    
Participation is limited to 24 AHNA members - First come, first served


Trip Price: $2,860.00 per person, double occupancy.

$900 deposit due: Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Remaining $1960 is due due: Friday, February 3, 2023

Deposit is non-refundable unless the trip is cancelled by AHNA.

A formal informational session was held and recorded on September 13 to learn more about the trip and answer questions, facilitated by the course leaders. If you missed it, or would like to rewatch, you can see it below:


Another, more in-depth informational session will be held in the coming months for those who register. Registration/Deposit is now open:


This Amazonian educational experience, has previously been facilitated by Connie when offered by CE, For-Credit, and Travel Study through:
  • Winona State University
  • University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing
  • Ohio Northern College of Pharmacy
  • Wolters Kluwer Evidence-Based CAM Research Group


Connie Grauds, MNPA, RPh is a pharmacist by education, a natural medicine expert by training, and a healer by apprenticeship. Grauds has served as President of the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists; and faculty at the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing. Her inspired life–informing her many books (Jungle Medicine: from medicine to Magic; Amazon Speaks: as goes the Amazon so do we all; The Energy Prescription: give yourself abundant vitality, and others)–has spanned 26 years of apprenticeship in the Amazon jungles of Peru with one of the last original authentic indigenous Amazon jungle shamans. Here and in the Amazon, Connie teaches the science and spirit of nature as healer (


Connie Grauds

Roxane Raffin Chan, PhD, BSN, MS, AHN-BC earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Northern Illinois University, Masters of Science in Nursing Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her PhD in Health Promotion and Health Risk Reduction from the University of Michigan. Roxane is an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University where she focuses on teaching, curriculum design and researching contemplative and integrative interventions. She is a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse, a licensed massage therapist, Reiki master and trained provider of Mindfulness Self-Compassion. Roxane also maintains her own practice, Chan Body Energy, LLC where she works with individuals and groups in the community.