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Pain Relief Tools for Patients & Self-Care

AHNA is creating a “Holistic Pain Relief Toolkit” to educate and support nurses in the use of evidence-based nonpharmacologic approaches in their nursing practice and self-care.

The Toolkit will include educational content about using essential oils, physical and energetic touch, thermal applications, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, visualization, yoga, tai chi, and more for pain management and relief. It will include:

  • Content for nurses to learn ABOUT these approaches 
  • Content for nurses to learn HOW to perform these approaches
  • Sample policies and procedures for facilities

The Toolkit will be released in stages. The first "taste" of the Toolkit is the pdf document below. You are welcome to freely use and share these with your peers. 

Questions? Contact Sharon Burch, MSN, APRN, NC-BC at

Click the images below to open, download, print and/or save the "Holistic Nurses' Pain Relief Tools for Patients & Self-Care" pdf and its accompanying References.

Or click here to purchase a pack of 25, printed on high quality glossy card stock.

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Pain Relief Tools for Nurses