Benefits of Membership

A full list of what you will receive as a member of AHNA!

AHNA offers:

A Supportive Community
Informative Publications
Continuing Nursing Education
Local Networking Opportunities
Scholarships & Awards
Discounts & Advertising Opportunities
Endorse Liability Insurance
Member Resources & Professional Development
Customized Benefits to Meet your Needs



AHNA brings together a diverse and talented array of nurses and other professionals who are committed to sharing their expertise, experiences and love of holistic healthcare with one another. Surround yourself with loving, nurturing souls who understand why you care and who want to help you improve and grow your holistic practice.

AHNA members come together in many ways:

  • Annual Conference — where you'll hear renowned keynote speakers and connect with like-minded professionals
  • Local Chapter Meetings — that promote holistic nursing education and self-care across the country
  • Online Discussion forums — to find answers to your questions and share your knowledge with others
  • Publications — you can share your personal experiences in Beginnings, our member magazine, and/ or your research in the Journal of Holistic Nursing
  • AHNA's National Office — where you'll find a staff that is friendly and knowledgeable

Publications & Communications—Uniting Members through Information

  • Beginnings — a magazine written by you, our members, addressing current holistic health news.
  • Journal of Holistic Nursing -- with Continuing Nursing Education opportunities and the latest research 
    • New Benefit! Free online access to JHN digital archives
  • Web site — our informative and interactive site that offers free events posting for members and networks, plus a Practitioner Directory listing available only to members
  • Monthly eNewsletter — offering news of AHNA and holistic nursing each month in between quarterly mailings of the Journal of Holistic Nursing and Beginnings
  • Promotion and Advocacy — for holistic nursing, AHNA and its membership nationwide at events, conferences and meetings  
  • Connections in Holistic Nursing Research — a quarterly eNewsletter devoted to research in holistic nursing

Continuing Nursing Education

Contact AHNA Education, (800) 278-2462, Ext. 16

Local Chapters

AHNA Chapter meetings may offer contact hours, workshops, ceremonies and informational gatherings

Scholarships and Awards

A Focus on Self-care & Wellness

We support wellness through our philosophy, our publications, and our promotion of holistic nursing on a national level.

Discounts & Advertising

Contact AHNA Communications, (800) 278-2462

Liability Insurance

  • Endorse Liability Insurance from Nurses Service, (800) 247-1500 (not included with AHNA membership)

Member Resources and Professional Development

Check out the Resources section of our web site! You’ll find info on how to build a private practice, about integrative healthcare, and stress management. We provide scholarship opportunities and research grant awards – and leadership opportunities through the Board of Directors, committees, task forces, and more.

Customized Benefits

Remember that you can tailor your membership! Choose what e-mails and publications you wish to receive. You can now update your profile on-line, too.

For more information, please contact the Membership Department at  (800) 278-2462, Ext. 20.

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