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What You can Expect

Sharing Circles

A Sharing Circle is an opportunity for nurses to freely and openly talk to each other by creating a safe and sacred space for sharing.  By joining together in the circle and asking meaningful questions, you can help to unlock the door to deeper understanding of individual journeys and see the wholeness in the diversity of our collective journeys.  In witnessing others’ stories, and being witnessed in our own, we connect, heal, and transform.  Refer to the conference schedule for sharing circle meeting times. CNE Provided.

Research Poster Presentations

Learn about the latest holistic nursing research as you visit our Poster Presentation displays.  These visual exhibits are always a popular offering to our program since they can be read and studied at your leisure. See schedule for times to meet with the presenters. CNE Provided.

Ritual and Ceremony

As we join together in the conference community of nurses, we seek to honor and cherish the diversity and unity that we share. The opening and closing ceremonies will draw the conference participants into community both during the conference and when we return to our own professional settings. 


Jewelry, aura photography, private readings...this is not your typical exhibit hall! Don’t pass up the opportunity to browse through this stunning ensemble of holistic products and services. You'll be captivated by the colorful displays of gift items, books, and healthcare products. In addition, booths offering a wide variety of information and educational material make this not only a shopping, but a learning experience as well. 


Featuring books by our speakers, presenters, and others who reflect holism in their writing.

Zen Raffle

The AHNA Annual Conference Raffle operates as a 'Zen Raffle'.  This means that winners will not be announced during the meals and/or common gatherings.  New winners will be posted three times a day next to the raffle prize display, AHNA registration desk and at the Gift Shop.  This will allow us to draw more names and award more raffle prizes!  Raffle winners will be able to claim prizes at the raffle display. 

Silent Auction

Our conference tradition includes our annual auction. This year's auction will be a silent auction. Vendors from our exhibit hall, as well as members and friends of the AHNA, always donate wonderful and amazing items for this event.  


Participate in meditation and relaxation through drumming; and experience the effects of sound and rhythms with the body, mind, and spirit.