Research Committee
The Research Committee suggests guidelines and policies for the research grant award program; constructs the application process; awards grants to recipients and updates procedures as needed, solicits and reviews research abstracts for conference workshops and presentation; updates the survey of research activities of AHNA members; publishes research information in Beginnings and eNewsletter; provides support and mentorship as feasible to members regarding research endeavors; and articulates and supports the research focus and agenda for AHNA.  It is composed of three sub committees:

  • Foundations
  • Conference Planning
  • Advancing Scholarship

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee prepares the slate of candidates for open Board of Directors positions by making selections from applicants who have submitted a completed nomination packet.

Conference Planning Committee
The Conference Planning Committee oversees all aspects of the AHNA annual conference.

Education Committees

Education Provider Committee (EPC)
The Education Provider Committee (EPC) is comprised of graduate level nurses who plan and implement education programs offered by the American Holistic Nurses Association.  EPC members ensure all AHNA educational offerings meet the quality criteria established by the organization and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), our accrediting body. Committee members establish initial program plans and conduct periodic evaluations of program offerings. Currently subcommittees of the EPC are responsible for the planning and evaluation of the Foundations of Holistic Nursing home study course, the Geriatric Care Modules, and the Introduction to Holistic Nursing Module for Chapter Leaders. In addition, the EPC also supports the continuing education offerings of the Journal of Holistic Nursing and is responsible for the educational components of AHNA Conferences. Through their efforts, the EPC ensures that members of the AHNA have access to quality education programs to strengthen and enhance their knowledge and competence in this specialty of nursing.

Program Recognition Committee (PRC)
The Program Recognition Committee (PRC) is responsible for all AHNA Endorsed programs. PRC Members, who hold graduate level nursing degrees and are certified holistic nurses, review applications, make certain that quality is maintained, and enable the programs to receive the publicity that they so richly deserve. Certificate programs recognized and endorsed by the AHNA must complete a rigorous peer review process with final approval of the AHNA Board of Directors. These programs offer 30 or more contact hours to nurses, include two or more modules, and offer content based on a well-developed body of knowledge congruent with the philosophy, mission, and purpose of AHNA and the AHNA Standards of Holistic Nursing Practice. Endorsed programs teach knowledge and/or skills that can be legally integrated into nursing practice, in accordance with Nurse Practice Acts in the United States. In addition, endorsed programs must have a scientific research base and be approved as a continuing nursing education activity by ANCC or an ANCC accredited approver of continuing nursing education.

Education Approver Committee (EAC)
Members of the the Education Approver Committee (EAC) are nurses with a minimum of a BSN and have at least two years of experience in nursing education.  The EAC reviews applications for holistic continuing nursing education activities presented by nurses and other health professionals that meet AHNA and ANCC criteria for high-quality continuing education.  The activities approved by the EAC can offer contact hours to nurses interested in enhancing their knowledge base with holistic education. 

If you're interested in joining one of the education committees, please contact Terri at: or (800) 278-2462.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee oversees the development of fiscal guidelines and budgets, monitors the organization’s finances and coordinates any investment activity approved by the Board of Directors. It is chaired by the Board of Directors Treasurer.

By-laws Committee
The By-laws Committee develops, amends and monitors compliance with AHNA By-laws.

The Past Presidents Council 
The Council is composed of all past Presidents of AHNA. It is chaired by the immediate Past President and serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors.

The Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Committee
This committee suggests policy for the scholarship program, constructs the application process, awards scholarships to recipients, and updates procedures as needed.

Holistic Nurse of the Year Award Committee
This task force reviews nominations for AHNA's annual Holistic Nurse of the Year award, AHNA Service Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Excellence in Holistic Nursing Education Award, and Holistic Nurse Rising Star Award, makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, and reviews nomination policies and procedures as necessary.

Special Recognition and Grant Awards Committee
This committee reviews nominations and applications for AHNA's Research Grant Award, Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship for Students Award, Practice Grant: Implementing Institutional Self-Care Activities Award, and Institutional Excellence in Holistic Nursing Practice Award.

Other Committees/Task Forces
These may be appointed by the President or Board of Directors from time to time as deemed necessary.


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