Accomplishments and Activities  

• Due to the efforts of AHNA, holistic nursing is now officially recognized by the American Nurses Association (ANA) as a nursing specialty with a defined scope and standards of practice.

• Membership is very stable, and now stands at 4,500, including 130 local Chapters across the U.S. and abroad. 

•  AHNA is accredited through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as a provider and approver of continuing nursing education.

•  We now offer online CNE contact hour activities for the JHN and Beginnings magazine. 

•  Webinars are offered several times a year for contact hours and a home-study, recorded version is available too. 

• We’ve increased the publication of Beginnings magazine to 6 times/ year and have given it a sleek new look. Articles are diverse and topical including news about AHNA and current holistic nursing research. We also offer the opportunity to earn continuing nursing education (CNE) credits with each issue.

• The AHNA eNewsletter is published twice a month and offers useful tips and resources for nurses across a wide variety of specialties and practice settings.

•  We have expanded the AHNA Research Committee. The Research eNewsletter provides cutting edge information, and an on-line holistic research library is available for nurses and the general public. 

•  The AHNA Practice Committee is very active and launched Community Building Calls and a Practice eNewsletter for members.

•  We have added a Geriatric Resource Center to our website.

•  The Foundations of Holistic Nursing home-study course is available to assist in the preparation for becoming certified

• More than $50,000 has been awarded to AHNA members for scholarships and research grants in the past ten years. 

• 400 people attended our conference this past year.

•  More than 8,000 people “like” our Facebook page and numbers continue to grow. We have active LinkedIn discussions, and people post daily to our Facebook wall.

• Our website has an average of 18,000 hits per month.

In the coming year, we will focus on growing our membership and enhancing our services. 



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