Through the generosity of people like you, our Charlotte McGuire Scholarship has awarded more than $30,000 to students in pursuit of their holistic nursing education.  Making a gift to the Charlotte McGuire Endowed Scholarship fund is giving the gift of education to students in need of financial assistance.  Your gift is tax deductible.  Please help us reach our $135,000 campaign goal.

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AHNA's Capital Campaign to celebrate 35 years, has been dedicated to building a restricted endowment fund for the Charlotte McGuire Scholarship.  The Campaign goal is to reach $135,000, which will allow AHNA to continue to provide individuals, like Charlie, with the assistance needed to help them through their holistic nursing growth and education.  All donations will be held in a restricted fund and only the annual interest will be used to fund these scholarships, thereby insuring this program’s viability and continuation.  Please help us reach our goal by donating $35.  Other donation levels are $135, $350, and $1350. 

See how your gift changes lives 

280 Days into the Campaign
77 members have donated
Average Donation $90
Donation Trends $10(3) $18(1) $20(5) $24(1) $25(7) $35(28) $43(1) $45(1) $50(7) $75(1) $100(6) $135(10) $200 (1) $268(1) $350(2) $500(2) $1050(1)

Conference 2015 total= $5,720 (Raffle, Silent Auction, Marketplace)

Total Capital Campaign Donations = $6,948

Fund Total= $29,983

Thank you to the members who have donated

Karen Allaire                                     Lynn Keegan

American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation

Lucile Anderson                                Patricia Kellen

Lucile Andersen                                Sarah Elizabeth Lodge

Dorothea Atkins                               Darlene Maith  

Aida Bahrawy                                   Jalma Mesnick Marcus 

Lynn Bakken                                   Mary Jane Mudge 

Aleta Billadeau                                 Rebecca Porter

Aleta Billadeau                                 Sheila Pyatt

Suzanne A. Bolton                           Ann Reid 

Margaret McGrath Brown                 Marci Resnicoff

Peggy Burkhardt                             Terri Roberts

Glenda Christiaens                          Lauri Rose

Patricia Cicerone                             Susan Rose

Kathleen Cino                                Janine Russell 

Carole Colley Clahane                     Gretchen Schodde

Barbara Cooper                              Shannon Schueler

Carole Ann Drick                            Jane Seamans  

Aleida Drozdowicz                          Marie Shanahan

Kim Evans                                    Mary Shannahan

Barry Gallison                                Rita Louise Shertick

Janne Gibbs                                  Susan Williger Sidell

Ilene Gottlieb                                Vicki Slater

Suzanne Graziano                         Ellie Slette  

Dorothy Haag                               Karen Smith

Debbie Janssen                             Nancy Babcock Sohlberg 

Lori Johnson                                 Scott Thompson 

Mary Johnson                               Lucia Thornton  

Judy Kay                                      Lu Ann Wahl

Lynn Kazemekas                          Patresa Zwerling

Learn more about the Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program.

Donate to AHNA — Invest in your future!

AHNA is in the midst of incredible growth. As we expand our resources to better serve you and the profession of holistic nursing, we need your support! You can choose how your contribution is used and all contributions are fully tax-deductible.  View our list of donors!

Why donate?

  • You want to bring holistic nursing to the forefront of healthcare
  • You understand the importance of what AHNA does
  • You probably already are a philanthropist, so why not give to an organization and cause that you know and love?
  • You can choose how your contribution is used
  • Learn how your gift changes lives

Giving Options:

General Operating Fund

This is the core of AHNA’s work – from our Beginnings magazine to evaluating education programs – to organizing our annual conference.

Scholarships and Research

Each year, Research Grants are available to AHNA members who are conducting research on topics related to holistic nursing and have been members of AHNA for at least one year. This research helps us to create a foundation for evidence-based practice and advance holistic nursing. 

The Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program, named for our founder, was established in 1986 and since 1987 AHNA nurses in pursuit of their professional education have been assisted by this program.

 Practice Fund

The Holistic Nurse Development Grant
This grant is available to an individual who has already achieved HN- BC as partial start up funding for a holistic program within their own facility or organization. This grant is focused on advancing holistic nursing through practitioner self care and/or patients and their families.

Membership Financial Assistance Fund
The AHNA Membership Financial Assistance Program provides members in need a means to maintain their AHNA membership and have access to the holistic community.

Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship Fund
Bea Alley, a friend, colleague and nurse healer transitioned on April 3, 2011. Bea was the 2000 holistic nurse of the year and an early leader in holistic nursing. In order to ensure that Bea’s legacy lives on at conference each year, AHNA has establishing the Bea Alley Memorial Scholarship. This fund will allow members who might not otherwise attend conference join us in the many important opportunities for education, community, self-care and celebration that this event provides.

Help us transform healthcare – by educating new holistic nurses, paving the way for new integrative clinics and hospitals, supporting new evidence-based research and building a caring community. Your tax-deductible contribution will fund your choice of our General Operating Fund, our Scholarship and Research Funds, or the Bea Alley Fund, our capital campaign to find a permanent home for our national office. You can honor someone with a gift to AHNA as well.  View our list of donors!

Reach your audience through AHNA’s Conference Sponsor Program!

We’ll help you reach your audience when you sponsor AHNA’s Annual Conference. Our conferences draw 550 attendees – an energetic and creative crowd of highly educated leaders in the holistic nursing profession. Whether your goal is to introduce your product to a new target market or simply unite with the holistic community, you will find a friendly and receptive audience among AHNA members. Exposure options vary with the level of participation.  Click here for more information. 

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