Holistic Nursing Awards & Scholarships: 2011
2010 HNY Jean Watson (l) and 2011 HNY Christina Jackson (r)
Jean Watson, 2010 HNY, and Christina Jackson, 2011 HNY

Christine Jackson
PhD, RN, AHN-BC was awarded the 2011 Holistic Nurse of the Year (HNY) Award by AHNA. A professor of nursing at Eastern University in PA, Jackson embodies holistic values. She is a true ambassador for holistic education and approaches to care. The HNY Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of holistic nursing. Look out for an article about Christina in the Fall 2011 issue of Beginnings.

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Immaculata University's Division of Nursing, Immaculata, PA, received the 2011 AHNA's Excellence in Nursing Education Award. This is presented to recognize and honor schools that: demonstrate an exemplary commitment to the values and competencies of holistic nursing; focus on the holistic nature and needs of people; emphasize self-care; and offer innovative approaches to curriculum design and implementation.


Tracy Gilhuly RN, BSN and Christine Haboush received the 2011 Charlotte McGuire Scholarships.


Bonnie Berk MS, RN, HNB-BC, ERYT, holistic health and wellness educator and adjunct faculty at Dickinson in Carlisle, PA, received AHNA's 2011 research grant for her project, "Quality of Life & Satisfaction in Cancer Survivors after Completing a Community-Based Integrative Therapy Program." 


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