Our Story: AHNA History Highlights

October 4, 2012
Our Story ~
... a little history, a little nostalgia to enrich your holistic roots

American Holistic Nurses Association: Implementing Visions of Health and Healing (2008) chronicles the first 25 years of the journey of our association returning to the essence of nursing: Florence Nightingale's simple idea of healing, leadership and planetary health. Below is an excerpt from the introduction of the book:
This is our story about coming home to the heart of nursing and expressing the heart through the science of nursing:


  • Recognizing the passion and caring of the nurse that underlies the procedure and techniques, the theories and knowledge base.
  • Allowing the unity and connectedness of all living things to flow between the nurse and the patient, the family, and others on the healthcare team.
  • Meeting everyone on the Spirit level of deeper awareness as we move together through the experiences of health and healing, life and living.

    -- Introduction: Implementing Visions of Health and Healing, 2008.

~ Selection submitted by Carole Ann Drick, Practice Coordinator, Leadership Council

September 20, 2012
Our Story ~
... a little history, a little nostalgia to enrich your holistic roots

In 1981 at our beginning, there was an unprecedented shortage of nurses. Working conditions meant long hours and minimal pay. Nurses were leaving hospital nursing to move into areas where they felt appreciated and could give the depth of care they knew needed to be given. Today the nursing world is more complex. It moves faster, with technology becoming the master rather than the servant. Once again, there is an increasing nursing shortage. Nurses want to work in healthcare areas where self-healing and self-care are recognized and valued. The AHNA continues to emphasize the nurturing and valuing of self and client. This organization continues to lead the way in integrative health care through example, initiative, research and vision.
-Adapted from Implementing Visions of Health and Healing, 2008.

~ Submitted by Carole Ann Drick PhD, RN, TNS, TNSCP, Practice Coordinator, Leadership Council

ptember 7, 2012
Our Story:
Did you know ~
... a little history, a little nostalgia to enrich your holistic roots

The Power of One: It took one woman with a vision and a dream to un-cage the power that continues to become Holistic Nursing! Charlotte McGuire, later to be called and beloved as Charlie, put not only the keys to the company Cadillac on the table when she left a big job in Corporate Healthcare. She gave all that she had to the effort-moving from a home in Texas to Telluride Colorado to open the first national office in a beautiful little house. She and many others personally underwrote many of the costs and were tireless in the efforts to recruit nurse healers who would work to build and strengthen the AHNA.

~Deanne (D.Z.) Aime MPH, RN, CHTP, past AHNA President

August 24, 2012
Our Story:
Did you know ~
... a little history, a little nostalgia to enrich your holistic roots

What's in a name??? From it's inception in 1981, the AHNA was led and governed by a volunteer and appointed Board of Directors. During the period 1994-95, with guidance from President Sharon Scandrett-Hibdon and President Elect Noreen Frisch, the name of that group was changed to the Leadership Council. Noreen described the change this way--"for me, Leadership Council is an important concept, in that it represents a gathering of leaders who are working together...each making a contribution to the whole, all doing something unique and satisfying." In addition, leadership means work and effort and this was a concept that was important to incorporate into the name. The Board agreed--this felt more holistic and better reflected what we were all about and how we are governed.

~Written by Deanne (D.Z.) Aime MPH, RN, CHTP, past AHNA President

August 9, 2012

Our Story
Did you know ~
... a little history, a little nostalgia to enrich your holistic roots

The vision for the beginning of holistic nursing began over 100 years prior to AHNA with the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale (1920-1910), who was one of the most important women of the 19th century and a giant in her time in history for pioneering contributions to the sanitary, medical, and nursing work of her time. Nightingale's sheer intellect and genius is also why she is recognized as one of the most astonishing analytical minds of the 19th century. Her power of analysis and amazing memory were remarked upon again and again by her contemporaries. Nightingale's messages provide a foundation on which nurses' beliefs and human potentials can be enhanced in order to engage in the depth of the art and science of nursing. They are at the core of healing, leadership and global action. Nightingale was the first holistic nurse.

 ~ Adapted from Implementing Visions of Health and Healing, 2008.

July 26, 2012
Our Story:

When I started the American Holistic Nurses Association in 1980, my vision was that all nurses would be holistic nurses. If Florence Nightingale could speak to us today, I believe she would say that this was her vision for nurses, too.

Nurses are embracing and integrating holism into their nursing practice and their lives. Now many years later, holistic nurses are claiming their role in this emerging consciousness as nurse healers and affecting both the nursing profession and the healthcare system.

~Charlotte (Charlie) McGuire MA, RNC, HNC
Founder and Past President of AHNA



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