Holistic Nurses: The Hope for Tomorrow’s Healthcare

The AHNA has more than 4,500 professional members across the United States and abroad and we continue to grow! Our members are highly-educated, entrepreneurial nurses and healthcare providers who are actively working to bring integrative and complementary care to diverse practice settings.

Practice Settings

In addition to hospital care, our members work in a variety of settings including private practice, universities, long-term care facilities, home-care groups, physicians' offices, outpatient surgery centers and integrative clinics. Professionally, they fill many roles: RNs, LPNs, educators, researchers clinical and operations managers, wellness coaches, spiritual counselors, and business owners. View detailed demographics & statistics for our members.

Professional Interests

Although professionally diverse, our members share a unified mission to advocate for holistic and integrative healthcare. Holistic nursing is unique in that it can be practiced alongside many other nursing specialties. Whether you are a med-surg nurse or a geriatric specialist, you can apply the basic principles of holism to almost any care setting. In addition to the various nursing specialties (e.g. oncology, pain management, pediatric and acute care, etc.), our members offer a variety of services including holistic education, research, nutrition counseling, and mind-body-spirit therapies. View our list of integrative modalities and our online practitioner directory.

Personal Experiences

Many of our members see AHNA as a way to transform healthcare. Read personal stories from our members to understand their motivation for joining AHNA.

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