Member Demographics and Statistics

The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) has over 4,500 professional members across the United States. A full 60% of our members hold advanced degrees and 35% of them work in a hospital or clinic setting. Our members work in academic/educational settings, (20%), as well as in hospice or palliative care, (10%). The entrepreneurial spirit of our members is evident, as 20% of them have branched out into their own private practice setting. 

Did you know? Holistic Nurses:

  • Work in both conventional and alternative settings.
  • Use and advocate for alternative therapies.
  • Practice an array of self-care techniques.

You may find them in your hospital, clinics and private practice. They're highly connected, influential and visionary. Who are they?

Holistic Nurses!

Innovative. Early adopters that bring new ideas to healthcare.

Affluent. With an average household income of $105,000 

Highly educated. Almost 90% percent have a bachelor's degree; 60% hold a master's degree or higher. Over 50% are certified in Holistic Nursing.

Connected. Networking is their top reason for attending our conference.

Influential. 93% make recommendations about holistic products and services to friends and colleagues.

Statistics as of August 2011


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